Friday, June 29, 2012

Marching in the sun

Once upon a time,
I was in marching band.
It was a very, very long time ago.
34 years as a matter of fact.  
I played the flugelhorn.
I didn't march well & I didn't play well, but we had fun.

Read & I at Maconaquah High School.  We had just finished unloading the trucks.

Move ahead to my kids in 
(Indiana State Champions for 4 years in a row, by GOD)
I fell completely in love with the whole band process.
I loved the music, companionship & the traveling.  
I fell in love with the band kids and they called me mom.
I discovered that I was competitive.  
I was involved for 10 years as Production Manager.
I loved it.
I miss it.
My kids are now adults.
it is over.

That husband of mine in his "tune it or die" t-shirt.
Remember, it is GOOD to be Al Temby.
The man, the myth the legend...
I know, I married a guy who lives marching band.
But, it is just not the same as traveling to the venue & competing.

Today we went to watch the 
Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps practice.
They were (are) out at Eastern in Greentown all day, today.
Here are some pics of our time over there:
This you man reminded me of Dalon Liggon.  Talk about graceful, he was it.

There he stands, waiting for the flag to finish spinning and come back to his hands.

This made me laugh.  She was staff.

Here are part of the horn group.  I thought the the colorful shorts was interesting.
Come to find out, the color denotes which instrument they play. 
It was fun AND hot.  Really hot.
We decided that we would go back home and enjoy the A/C.

I took pictures of these Haflinger horses on the way home.  I want to paint them at some point in the future.  I got to meet their owner, Mr. Jameson. 

Here is the Loin painting.  It is done.
Done. 12X12 oil $150
Started this one last night:

I need to work on the baby's head shape.

My plan is to change out all of the farm animal paintings that hang in the Zionsville Co-op (Art in Hand) with this new African animal set of paintings.  I will then move the farm animal paintings to the Kokomo Gallery (Artworks Gallery).  I have another two weeks to finish out the wild animals.

I had better get at it.  
Work, work, work.
Paint, paint.....paint.


This is done.  12X12 oil.  $150

So, what will my next wild animal be?
Heck, I don't know.  
I'm gonna go eat some dinner and think it over.
See ya...


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