Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My first parking ticket

I worked at Artworks Gallery today.
 I had a nice time with great people.  
I got my first parking ticket
I picked up a few new jobs.
More on this later....

As I mentioned yesterday, 
we had such a big weekend here.  
I think that first I will share some photos with you,
before we go on.

My Leia on the prowl.  She loves to shoot me in the ear.

Asher & his Grandma in the pool

Chad before he broke his arm

My little Lee Lee having a pop-a-sicle 

Asher & his Momma

For some reason, he loves Easter eggs.
This is a left over from this last Easter.

Dad & I
I put a lot of store in what my dad has said to me in my life.  That's not to say that my mom hasn't been there for me, but my dad & I have a special bond.  I hold him up on a pedestal that is pretty high up.  I have mentioned in the past my father's great "Joe Scott-isms".  
When I had to call my dad & tell him that I am going to have a heart cath this Friday, he told me that it was all gonna be alright.  He said that if he had a choice between going to the dentist or have a heart cath, he'd choose the latter.  I love my dad.
I am going to take his advice and not sweat this one.  
He hasn't done me wrong before.  
Am I scared?  
Do I need to eat less potato chips, cookies & mayo ?  
Dog-gone-it, yes.
And that, folks, is the part that is not gonna be pretty....for anybody involved.

And now onto painting.  
Have a good evening.  
See you tomorrow. :)


  1. I know lots of people that have had this procedure and other than some discomfort in the entry site none of them have had problems. Take care of yourself. Yes eat less of the bad stuff. Love ya.

  2. Thank you, Timmy. I love you too.
    The next time I am faced with a bag of chips I will think of you.