Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day, Temby style

Happy Father's Day to all of you daddies out there.

Wally slept in too.

We slept in until 9 this morning.  
While Al started his day at the computer, I went through my usual routine.  
My routine is coffee, newspaper...then check out Facebook.

While Al was eating his cereal, Ian called to wish him happy father's day.
That made Al's day.  
While Al was talking to Ian, I laid out a new cow painting.

After the call we went out to J C Pennys & shopped for my dad's gift. 

I waited way too long to buy him a card.  
There were only two cards left in the rack at the store & they were not good cards at all (that must be why they were there, huh?).

After lunch I drove out to Russiaville to see my dad.
My dad & his dog Curly Bill.  He is so ugly, that he's cute.
(The dog, not dad)

These two are like peas in a pod.

I think I have been replaced.
It was nice to have some quiet time with my folks.  
Dad liked his colored t-shirts that I brought him.  
We visited for a while in the living room.  
Cucumbers, I think.

He & I went outside so he could show me his garden.  He always has a nice garden.  I hated picking beans when I was a kid, but I didn't mind eating them in the winter.

As I stood there listening to my dad talk about his garden I realized how beautiful the view was from there.  As a child, I couldn't wait to leave the country and go out into the world.  I thought about how he had been a constant in my life & how lucky I had been for that.  Many of my friends no longer have a dad to call & ask advice.  I am blessed, yes, I am.

The front field
Dad & I talked a little while more out in the leather shop.  
I am learning to treasure these times, I won't have him forever. 

My brother & his family pulled in, so I said my goodbyes & 
started out for home.  

I decided to live recklessly and see how far I could get down 26.  For those of you that don't live here anymore, they are widening State road 26.  
It is tore up from Russiaville on East to 31.
(Or one would think so based on the signage)  
I really feel sorry for the people who live on that road.
Bret Kirkendall's barn.
I drove drove around SO MANY road closed signs.  I knew that I would have to turn off at some point, but it kind of became a game.  
How far COULD I go?

I made it ALL THE WAY to 31!

You bet, but fun for sure.


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