Monday, June 11, 2012

Oranges & hotdogs. The ultimate American meal.

So, maybe you are wondering to yourself...
What's up Sherry?
You used to write everyday...

We had a big weekend here at home.
They ASKED me to take this pic on Sunday.
What can I say?  They ARE MY KIDS....
I told Anna on Saturday evening that my cold was getting better 
that I was going to "power through it".  

Today, my body decided that it wasn't going to cooperate with this plan. 

I did make it to Ronnie Ballard's viewing.  
I got to say hi to his dad (Rex) & I met his wife.
Rexanna didn't get there until after I had left. 
I haven't seen her in years.

I stopped at the Artworks Gallery to see my friend Madeline...and then I just started to feel pretty....not good.

So, suffice it to say I went back to bed and stayed there most of the day.

But Sherry, what about Marilyn Monroe?  

I have completed two, count'em two, fingers.  
But two is better than none, right?  
I am using my hand just to get the lay of the land.  
Yes, I know there are too many wrinkles....thank you.  
I just won't paint them all in.

Tomorrow I will post more pics from the weekend AND I have a few new jobs coming up that are pretty interesting.  I have been asked to paint a giant chicken on the front of a new chicken house.  
How many of you have done that, huh?

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