Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snot Faucet

I woke up this morning feeling like...a snot filled vessel.  
Then, I stood up.  
Now, I am a snot faucet.

Let's go back a few days....
Picture it...
Monday evening.

I decided that I would go (bearing cookies) to see the grandkids.
The three year old knew why I was there, because this is my M.O., so she jumped up in the chair with me to see what kind of cookies I had brought.  I opened the vanilla sandwich cookies and gave her one.  
So, she is sitting on my left knee.
Asher comes crawling faster than the wind to see what we are up to.
Before I know what he's doing, he has crawled up into my lap 
by GOD, 
he wants a cookie. 

So this Grandma gig is pretty good. 

He is on my right knee.  He is such a big boy.
Asher sticks the cookie into his mouth and only having two teeth, promptly hands it to me to take bits off of it to feed him.


Our boy Asher is a "wet kid".  He is a drooley,  snotty nosed child.  Some days, if you walk behind him, I swear it is like following a snail crawling along.  I never know whether he is having a cold or it is just allergies.  
He is just, you know, drippy. 
But, Grandma love overlooks all of that.  
And here I sit with "roll" of Kleenex. 

I have a full day of plans ahead of me.  I have a lot to accomplish today.  I am not gonna let this "faucet thing" slow me down.  

See ya in a bit....

Well, I ran a few thousand errands this morning & then I came home and started "working".  Really, how could one really call this work?  
Add caption
Tiger cub in process.

Changed up the pig paddle design.  I decided that sky behind the piglet would be better than my version of a beehive.  My beehive looked kind of like he had taken a number two in the meadow.  I like it better this way.

But what about Marilyn Monroe, you ask?  I needed to get a better photo of a woman's hands.  The reference photo just wasn't gonna cut it.  Ran over to Mary's work and took pictures of her hands.  She told me I was nuts.  
OK.  I can go with that...

Tomorrow is going to be spent working on that hand.
Wish me luck. 

Check this out.  During running my errands today I picked up this huge-mongus tackle box.  It is really sturdy and I think that it will last a long time.  Now my paint won't be traveling all over the inside of the van when I go places.

I have made real strides on the tiger cub. 

Although I haven't felt really very healthy today.  
I think you will agree that I have 
accomplished a few things, today.

Well, folks...I am going to bed.  
I am going to lay down my snot filled huge head on a pillow and try to go to sleep.
Nighty night.


  1. I love this blog. maybe just a little less snot,,, but other than that I love it. :)

  2. Thank you for your input, Mark. As a parent, I have seen things that would curl your hair (what is left of it). A little snot isn't gonna kill anybody.
    I look forward to seeing you. :)