Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tender morsels...

It has been an event filled Wednesday here, folks.

 As you can see, our Dropspin needed to get her hair cut.  She couldn't see out from under her hair, so we made her an appointment out at Affordable Pet Grooming in West Middleton.  
Leia heard me talking about getting Dropspin's hair done and she was excited about seeing where they did made it a field trip.  Mary, her kids & Dropspin took a road trip to the doggie hair salon.   
Leia thought that it was hilarious that the dog was in the van with us and that she had an appointment.  
Since 31 is such a mess, we took the back roads.  I was nice to see the fields and listen to the kids talk to us and each other.   

We took the dog inside and dropped her off and the owner (Mark) said that we needed to stop out back and pet the animals in the pen.  
They told us we could feed the animals if we wanted to.  Just to "go on in".  

Now, I was raised with large animals.  This was just a few goats, a couple of ducks and some miniature danger.  There was no foreseeable problems here.  
Liea feeding the goat a clover flower.

Asher & mommy feeding a young goat.
So, it was a good, teachable event.  I was feeling pretty good about this little trip.  Patting myself on the back for being such a good grandma.  
I invited Leia to go inside the fence with me and feed the animals from a bowl that I had filled in the barn. 
(This is the beginning of the Grandma hell part of the story)

Don't get me wrong, the goats were nice.  The ducks could have cared less that we were there.  As I started pouring food out on the platform the world just went spinning out of control....  
One of our VERY large offenders....

Mrs. offender...
The BIG pigs magically appeared and would you believe they were swirling?
Before I knew what was going on...we were out of food and the piggies were NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.  
Mary was outside the fence with Asher, and in hindsight, I am glad for that.  
These were not angry pigs, just annoyed and looking for more food pigs.  The next thing I know Leia gives a little scream.  She is standing right next to me with her arm in a pigs mouth.
I hear my dad's voice telling me that hogs are dangerous and never to turn your back on them.  
We...are a pen with sharks...and my grandbaby is chum.  I poked him hard on the head, yanked Leia out of his mouth and basically pitched her over the fence towards her mother.  Honestly, I don't remember how Mary caught her...or...if Mary caught her.
Baby, I was out of there.  I mean, if Leia was a tender morsel, what was her much larger grandma gonna be?

We all lived.  Heck, Asher took a nap.
Dropspin can see now.  They did a great job.
 New grandma rule to add to the list:

Don't let the pigs chew on your grand children.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My name? Why it's Rick...Rick Temby.

Wallace getting a drink in the sink.  He IS NOT allowed to do this, but the lighting was so good...check out that tongue action he's got goin there...
Hi everybody.
I hope every one is well.  
I know it has been some days since I have written, but I have been very busy.
I think we last spoke on Tuesday...
Well....let me tell's been crazy here!

First of all, Al's sister came to visit for three days on her way to the Rick family reunion in Wisconsin (GOD's country).  Rick was Al's mother's maiden name.  All of Al's family call him Rick (his name is Alan Rick Temby).  Only since moving to Indiana has the nickname "Al" stuck.  Somebody at Haworth High School referred to him as "Uncle Al" during his first visit to work with the band.  
Judy came to visit from South Carolina.  
Judy & (Rick) Al
We had a really nice time getting to know one another.  Due to Al's schedule we were unable to go to the reunion.  It is the "down & dirty" busy time for Drill writers, right now.  Judy made us some wonderful meals and we visited a few places here in Kokomo.  I wish we lived closer to one another.

Judy & I spent time at the breakfast table.
She ate cherries & drank hot tea for breakfast.
On Wednesday evening we had a heck of a storm.  I had senior pictures scheduled for that evening and luckily the storm finished before we got to the photo shoot.  
Look at this lovely sky after the storm...
Isn't he just great?
On my way to the shoot, I passed a field with young steers in it, I had to stop (of course).  I had a conversation with them and took some pics for reference, later.  They were so sweet.  They had tiny little horns. They licked my hands while I took pictures.
I told them I had to leave because they were going to make me late for Johnna's photo shoot.  Johnna & I's plans are to take pictures in all four seasons and make a senior picture grouping from that.  
This is my niece,  Johnna.
Our photo shoot went well.  I mean, this IS Indiana, so there was humidity.  She brought along her boyfriend and he brought his friends.  My sister in law Tammy and my nephew Matt came along too.  We used Bob & Robin Auth's property for the shoot.  It looked so green and lush after the storm.

I have been working on Johnna's pictures for a few days, now.  My computer is running slow right now, so I am going to ask Read to have a look at it.  I store so many pictures on this computer, it doesn't really surprise me.  

This was one morning this week at the dining table.  Neat, huh?
So, visiting...picture taking...cow visiting...oh yeah, and grand babies.
They were here with us Thursday evening and then on Friday, also.  
Boy, they are busy little people.  
Asher is eating like it's going out of style.  Maybe it's a growth spurt getting ready to happen.  Leia learned that she loves, loves....loves Dilly Bars.  What's not to love about them?  She can eat a whole one by herself.

Where's my food?  I want some food.

Leia gave the horsies a bath.  That was hilarious to listen to.
This is what I have to say about Saturday.  I took a nap.  It was good.  That's all I remember. Oh, yeah...Andy & Leah came over to see us one last time before they went back to Florida.  I will miss them.  

I have accomplished a few Christmas related items for the upcoming season in the last few days.  It sure feels like a long time until then...but better to get it done now & not put it off.

I think I have said enough for one blog.  Enjoy your evening.  Enjoy the things and people that God has given us.
I will see you all tomorrow.

BTW...yes, I do take senior pictures
& baby pics
& family pics
& pics of anything...pretty much.
If you need my services, do not hesitate to call or comment.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Feeling oh so slightly over-whelmed

Monday has arrived with all of it's possibilities.
We are deep in stuff to do here in the Temby house.
I may be feeling a little over whelmed.
I feel kind of like this.
Let me tell you what is going on here.

First, and certainly not least...Al's sister Judy is coming to visit in just 2 days!
She is in her way to Wisconsin to visit with relatives.
It will be my first time meeting her face to face. the house like a mad woman.
AND laundry.
 We had family over for a meal on Saturday, so there was all of that.
This is Leah, Andy, Asher & Mary at the end of said meal.
Sunday, Al went to the church to sing with the chorus.

We are deep, deep...DEEP in Al's writing season, so either he is asleep or propped up at the computer.
As you can see, Gizmo is a big part of the writing process.
  Today I have a reception to attend at Art Works Gallery.  The Gallery building has been given to Kokomo Art Association by a benefactor.  There will be a celebration & champagne after the papers are signed this afternoon.
That is certainly exciting.
210 N. Main, Kokomo
I asked Al & Carlos to help me get my "table" into the gallery to display my cards on.  In case I hadn't mentioned it (right...I have mentioned it several times, I'm sure) I have a line of cards that are from my paintings and photography.  
It is REALLY heavy.  Notice...I'm working the camera....

So they carried it in for me.
After they set it down and let me at it, I found a few surprises.
You see, this treadle machine went from my Grandmother Scott's house to my garage.  I hadn't looked in the drawers, or for that matter even seen the machine itself.  The first drawer I opened had these lovely tools for making hand made lace.  I'll take a picture of them and post them later.  I was so excited, so I opened another drawer.
Mouse nest.
Yup, a whole drawer full...
I didn't say they were all good surprises, did I?
In another drawer I found the box that goes with the machine and the presser feet & other gadgets.
In the last drawer I found a vial with handmade lace in it.
I called dad after I arrived home and he told me that the machine had belonged to my great grandmother Scott.  She had two children and her husband (Joe) died when my Grandfather was 13 months old.  She lived in Lincoln, Indiana.   


As you can see in the picture at the top, I decided to leave the machine itself out.  It is just too pretty not to.  I plan on bringing in a piece of muslin to put in place of the bandanna.  That was all I had at the time.
So, stop in and look at what I will be putting for sale on this "table". 

OK, so what else is going on....

These were a gift from Jill Fortner.  They are about 2 1/2 feet tall. 
I need to be deciding what I am going to do with these nice old cabinet doors.  They are full of possibilities, aren't they?  

Also, both Galleries are wanting to see what we have planned to add to the Christmas displays, so I am floundering in ideas trying to get my head around what I am going to do, how I am going to do it and WHEN I am going to do it.

Pool report:  blue, but needs clarifier....
who has time to get in it?
.......that is all.......

Also, I have several nice big pieces of slate that I need to paint on.... head is swirling....

Tell you what...
I'll go make Al's fruit salad and I'll come back after the reception.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cow drool in Hortonville

Lovely lady cow drool.
Hello to you.
We have all lived another day and soon this day will close.
As promised yesterday, 
I drove to Zionsville to work at the gallery this morning.
Here's the sign for the business...
this way you know what to look for...
Before I opened the shop I took pictures around town to use in some later paintings for Christmas.  Something came out in one of these photos while I was looking them over this evening.  I ended up with my reflection doing one of of favorite things.
Kind of cool, huh?  This is a tenth of the size of the original photo.
 I opened the shop at 10am and then I had a surprise visitor.  Madeline Hoffman came down to see the Gallery and me.  It was so nice to visit with her.  We don't get to see each other as much as we would like anymore.  

I promised myself that I was going to finish the macaw today.  I decided that I would not open up my lap top until it was done.  So...there was no computer time today.  I painted both in the gallery and outside on the sidewalk.  There came a point when I had to move back inside due to the heat.
Here is the grouping with the newly finished piece still on the easel.

I finished the painting at about 4:30 this afternoon 
and then closed the store at 5. It was a good sales day, too.

OMGosh, it took forever.
US31 on a Friday at 5pm.

I did make a small side trip, though.  Have you ever been to Hortonville, IN?
Neither had I.  
When I pass the sign on 31, I always think of Horton Hears a Who.  
There happens to be TWO milk cow herds that live just outside of the town.  Yippee!!  
I stopped and spoke to one of the herds and of course, took their pictures.  They were so hot and thirsty.  They were sharing water out of a large tank with a spout.  I sure hope it rains soon.  I hate to see the animals be uncomfortable.
Hortonville herd.  Aren't they pretty? 
I am not sure what breed these ladies are.  
If you happen to know, please let me know.

As I was saying before, it was a long drive home.  
I came home and Al had dinner ready.  
Pizza in a box.  And it was GOOD.
So here I am.  
Writing this and thoroughly enjoying some down time.

Both Galleries are asking for Christmas goods for the holidays, so I need to be looking into getting my plans & materials together.

I think it was a good day
productive day.

Goodnight to you all.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking my body for a walk...

It is a lovely morning her at the Temby house.

Black Kitty is hanging out with me on my desk. 
The sun is shining.  The weather is not as hot.  It MIGHT rain tomorrow.  
We have the whole day ahead of us, don't we?
Al & I have started our day by walking for 30 minutes.  Always a good thing to do, don't you think?  I was so sore the first few days of taking a daily walk, but I feel better every day.  

Yesterday evening I drove to Zionsville to the ART IN HAND Gallery meeting.  At every meeting we rehang all of the work in a different spot in the Gallery.  As planned, I was able to take my African series down and hang it.  

Here it is.  211 S. Main, Zionsville.
I am planning to make prints to sell from these.  The discussion at the meeting was about a silent auction for the Boone County Humane society.  I need to paint something for that.  Also, they asked that we decide what we are going to make individually for the Christmas tree in the store.  Evidently this store is known for handmade ornaments.  They do quite a little business in that.  BUT, they have to be juried in.  So, I need to get something made.

The drive seemed to be longer coming home than the drive down.  I don't know how Kay Spencer drives all that way everyday for work.  (She has a new job in Indy).  
After I came home I THOUGHT I was going to work, but no, I got hooked on Pinterest.  
Damn that Pinterest.
I got caught up looking on Christmas stuff, because we were talking about Christmas at the meeting.  I just get drug in to thing leads to another...and another...and another.
One of the things that I found while looking for Christmas ideas.
So, today I am going to listen to my good friend Beth and not open Pinterest until the last hour of the day.  I have things that I need to get done, darn it!
Today, I need to go over and rehang paintings at the Gallery in Kokomo (ART WORKS Gallery, 210 N. Main Kokomo).  Both galleries are doing well.  The Kokomo Gallery is opening up classes in all kinds of arts.  I will be teaching a painting class there in the near future.  
I'm excited and scared at the same time.
Tonight I will be going to the ART WORKS Gallery co-op meeting.  
Somehow I ended up with the meetings back to back.  Tomorrow I drive to Zionsville for the day.  I will be working from 10am until 5pm.

I had better "get at it".  I'll check back in with you later on today.

Well, here I am at the end of the day.  
And it was a good day.
I got to see my Nephew Andy & his girlfriend Leah.  They are here visiting from Florida.  He looks like he is healthy & happy.  
Leah is a beautiful young lady that I am happy to have met. 
Don't they look great?  She is a beauty, for sure.
They will be here for another 10 days or so.  I hope to see them many times before they go back.

After our visit we (Al & I) went over to the gallery to rehang the work.
210 N. Main, Kokomo
I worked with Sarah Smith to figure out what the pattern of the paintings should be on the wall.  Then, I climbed the ladder and got them up.
I have learned it is easier to do it this way and then hang it.

Alan kept my company while I figured it out

...and now they are hung
  We held our gallery meeting this evening.  We had a really good meeting.  Afterwards I stopped by to visit the grandbabies and I took them to the park (with their mommy, too).
Asher ordering food at the drive-up.
They played & laughed & waved (Asher).  Someday's I just want to slow it all down and keep them this size.  BUT, I know Mary would not want to be pregnant we must move on. 

Goodnight to you.
Sweet dreams. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walking like a penguin

Last night, I was nearly bursting from the seams wanting to go to the county fair.  A PIG race!!!  How exciting.  I had never been to one and in my imagination it was going to be monumental.  I was under the impression that it was a one night thing and Monday night  was THE NIGHT.  
Well, Al was not interested.
Mary was not interested.
But, YES, Leia would go with me. 
How exciting!!!  We were going to the fair!
This IS NOT my photo.   I have "borrowed" it.
As I drove over to pick up Leia, it occurred to me that this would be her first time at the fair.  Well, that made it even better.  I would get to experience this with her AND take pictures of the pig race.
We decided that she wouldn't need a stroller, no she was 3 1/2 and she could do this without one.  So, with a sippy cup of ice water and a bag of Chex cereal we started off for the fair.  

Again, NOT my photo.  I have "borrowed" again.
We parked in the grass lot over by the Ferris wheel.  She was SO excited about the big circle.  She kept asking when we were going to get on the big circle.  I told her that Grandma was not getting on the circle.  It was a very big sensory overload on this little person as we walked through the midway to get to the animal barn.  We had to stop every few steps just to take it in.  When we arrived at the barn it was a whole new world.  She petted sheep and had some concerns about a sheep who was being blow dried.  Then..on to the pigs.  Wow.  She petted pigs and spoke to them like they were her best friends.  After that we moved on through the goats, roosters & bunnies.  
We had quite a time. 
But, where were the racing piggies?

We asked and were told that we needed to go to the pioneer village.  That is no small walk for Grandma, let alone our Leia.  She asked me to pick her up and together we fought the crowd at the food row.  
And then...she became very excited...there was a monkey, a REAL monkey...and he was taking money.
Why, of course he was.  Don't all monkeys do that?
NOT my photo.  Borrowed.
She was tickled with the monkey.  He only took quarters or dollars.  Obviously he is an upwardly mobile business minded monkey.
We, being economically minded, gave him a quarter.

Have you noticed that I have NO photos of my own on this blog today?  Do you know why?  Let me tell you.
In all the excitement to get to the fair to take pictures...I forgot to put the card in my camera.  Yup, I had a heavy camera with NO CARD IN IT.

Leia stopped by a tent and she was shown how to make a bracelet to remind her of her Christian heritage.  She loved that.  She was getting hot and so was Grandma.  We started looking for a place to get something to drink.
We were almost to the pioneer village!
And the pig races!

At this point, I would like to thank GOD for Jack Fivecoat.  Jack & Nancy were working the Ham & beans tent at the fair.  Jack was sitting on a cooler out by the walkway talking to people about getting a drink of lemonade.  He was so kind to Leia.  He has such a big heart.  He asked her if she would like a "push up".  She needed cooling off in the worst way by that point in time.   With an orange push up in hand, she was much better.  All the noise and new sounds were getting to be a bit much for her.  
It was at this point that we noticed that we had completely missed the piggy races.  It really didn't matter at that point.  We were having fun.
Not my photo.
 We bought some caramel corn in a gallon bag and headed for downtown pioneer village.  We looked at the looms and the candle dunking (said hello to Scuba & wife).  We watched the threshers run the machine.  She was amazed by the straw that came out of the machine.  
Not my photo.
It looked like a huge bird's nest.  She stood and stared at that for the longest time.  She was mesmerized by the motion of the straw as it landed in "big nest".  
To end out our trip we went through the new round barn.  It was beautiful.  Perfection.  But, Grandma was pooped at this point.
It was a straight shot to the car from the barn.  The problem was that we were all the way at the other end of the parking lot FROM the barn.  
So, we start across the grass lot.  
Leia has decided to "walk like a penguin".  
Bless her heart, she was in another world, her own little world. 
I had to stop mentally and tell myself that I needed to enjoy this time.
There I was ten minutes until sundown with my beautiful granddaughter after a wonderful time at the fair.  The view was incredible.  The corn fields and the blues and purples and pinks in the clouds were breathtaking.  I had her sticky, sweaty little hand in mine as we "penguined" across the lot.  At the midpoint of the lot, she stopped and looked at me and asked how far it was to the van.  I told her we were halfway and she told me we were done and we could walk the regular way.
We stood next to the van and watched the big circle for a moment before we got in the van.  She asked for her giant bag of popcorn and settled in for the ride home.
I am SO blessed.   

So, to sum up:
Blow dried sheep.
No card in camera.
Ninety degrees.
No pig races.
Jack Fivecoat.
Popcorn in a bag.
Penguin walking with my grandbaby.

What a wonderful night.   

Sunday, July 8, 2012

In search of milk cows

It rained today.

It rained for 10 whole minutes.
It rained hard.
And it was wonderful.

While out searching for milk cows to photo, Mary and I discussed the fact that it had rained.  She brought up an interesting concept that I hadn't even thought about.  
(Which, by the way made me proud. Because she's just so doggone smart AND I made her.  So by association...maybe I get to be smart, too?)
Her discussion with me was about "situational gratitude".  We are grateful for things only when it fits our whim to be.  In a "normal" summer we would not be excited to have a cloudy day with the possibility of rain.  We would want sun, sun...SUN!  After so many days of frying in the heat we look at a cloudy day as a wonderful gift.  We all do this, don't we?  We should be thankful in all situations for all things.  Sometimes that is so much easier said than done.
It was a wonderful time alone in conversation with my daughter.  
Normally, we have two little people in our conversations. 
Today it was just us two, laughing & talking and generally just enjoying ourselves.

We (me) were on the hunt for milk cows to photograph.  We were out driving around the outer Greentown / Plevena area.  We had such a time!  We found these lovely cows:
Nope.  Not milk cows.  
We had an adventure when I pulled up to a set of bee hives and I tried to take some pictures from the van.  After I was behind the camera, Mary pointed out to me that there were hundreds of bees hanging in the air above the boxes.  I did not get the shot I wanted.  I was in a hurry (due to the bees).
Yup, focused on the wrong thing.  It's a wonderful picture of the pole, don't ya think?
Indiana farm country
We went through Greentown at the end of our trip.  Mint chocolate chip was Mary's choice.  It gave me just as much joy to buy her a ice cream cone today as it did when she was little. milk cows today.  
What I did get was an unexpected gift.  A moment in time with my baby.  I am glad that she is a mommy, a grown-up.  She's has grown into a person that I like quite a bit. I would like her even if I wasn't her mom. 
And she taught me some things while we drove and talked.
She taught me that I need to be thankful for all things, not just the things that I want to happen.  Maybe, I don't know what's best in all situations.
I should just leave that to the man upstairs.

I am going to call it a day now.
Sleep well everyone.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

When only a purple Popsicle will do...

It has been a good weekend, so far.
That sounds kind of ominous, doesn't it?

But, it has been good up to this point.

Gizmo sleeping with the work that is going away to be photographed by Bob Dawson.
I gathered up my "African Animal Series" and got them ready for photos.  I am asking Bob Dawson to photograph them so that they can be used to make prints from.

I left the house with seven canvases and a handful of mail.

Are we gonna talk about the price of gas?  OMG, I noticed on my trip out this morning to run my errands.  Who makes the rules here?  It is just crazy.
End of rant...for the
Don't get me started...
I could SWEAR that this is Toni Miller...I couldn't catch up with her in the store.
I stopped at my third home away from home to get odorless paint thinner.  I had already been to the grocery (my second home away from home).  I carried in my hamburger into Hobby Lobby to keep it cool.  I felt really silly carrying around burger in the craft store, but guess what?  I was not the only one. :)

Back home again to paint and make some lunch.  Here's a photo of the last painting in the "African" series in progress.  
In progress
I got to spend some time with my kids & grand-kids today.  Al & I took Mary, Leia & Asher out for some much needed ice cream.  We all really enjoyed the time out.
Happy baby makes for a happy mommy
...and a happy mommy makes for a happy grandma
Eatin' ice cream.
We had a wonderful time.

After some time at Grandpa & Grandma's house, Leia is ready to go home.  The long discussion over which color popsicle she would accept will live in my mind for a long time.  It is amazing how argumentative a three year old can be.  She was definitely on a mission.  I must have pulled a dozen popsicles out the the freezer before I found the right one. 
BECAUSE there are times when only a purple popsicle will do.

Thank you GOD for letting there be a purple popsicle in that freezer.
Thank you, indeed.