Sunday, July 22, 2012

My name? Why it's Rick...Rick Temby.

Wallace getting a drink in the sink.  He IS NOT allowed to do this, but the lighting was so good...check out that tongue action he's got goin there...
Hi everybody.
I hope every one is well.  
I know it has been some days since I have written, but I have been very busy.
I think we last spoke on Tuesday...
Well....let me tell's been crazy here!

First of all, Al's sister came to visit for three days on her way to the Rick family reunion in Wisconsin (GOD's country).  Rick was Al's mother's maiden name.  All of Al's family call him Rick (his name is Alan Rick Temby).  Only since moving to Indiana has the nickname "Al" stuck.  Somebody at Haworth High School referred to him as "Uncle Al" during his first visit to work with the band.  
Judy came to visit from South Carolina.  
Judy & (Rick) Al
We had a really nice time getting to know one another.  Due to Al's schedule we were unable to go to the reunion.  It is the "down & dirty" busy time for Drill writers, right now.  Judy made us some wonderful meals and we visited a few places here in Kokomo.  I wish we lived closer to one another.

Judy & I spent time at the breakfast table.
She ate cherries & drank hot tea for breakfast.
On Wednesday evening we had a heck of a storm.  I had senior pictures scheduled for that evening and luckily the storm finished before we got to the photo shoot.  
Look at this lovely sky after the storm...
Isn't he just great?
On my way to the shoot, I passed a field with young steers in it, I had to stop (of course).  I had a conversation with them and took some pics for reference, later.  They were so sweet.  They had tiny little horns. They licked my hands while I took pictures.
I told them I had to leave because they were going to make me late for Johnna's photo shoot.  Johnna & I's plans are to take pictures in all four seasons and make a senior picture grouping from that.  
This is my niece,  Johnna.
Our photo shoot went well.  I mean, this IS Indiana, so there was humidity.  She brought along her boyfriend and he brought his friends.  My sister in law Tammy and my nephew Matt came along too.  We used Bob & Robin Auth's property for the shoot.  It looked so green and lush after the storm.

I have been working on Johnna's pictures for a few days, now.  My computer is running slow right now, so I am going to ask Read to have a look at it.  I store so many pictures on this computer, it doesn't really surprise me.  

This was one morning this week at the dining table.  Neat, huh?
So, visiting...picture taking...cow visiting...oh yeah, and grand babies.
They were here with us Thursday evening and then on Friday, also.  
Boy, they are busy little people.  
Asher is eating like it's going out of style.  Maybe it's a growth spurt getting ready to happen.  Leia learned that she loves, loves....loves Dilly Bars.  What's not to love about them?  She can eat a whole one by herself.

Where's my food?  I want some food.

Leia gave the horsies a bath.  That was hilarious to listen to.
This is what I have to say about Saturday.  I took a nap.  It was good.  That's all I remember. Oh, yeah...Andy & Leah came over to see us one last time before they went back to Florida.  I will miss them.  

I have accomplished a few Christmas related items for the upcoming season in the last few days.  It sure feels like a long time until then...but better to get it done now & not put it off.

I think I have said enough for one blog.  Enjoy your evening.  Enjoy the things and people that God has given us.
I will see you all tomorrow.

BTW...yes, I do take senior pictures
& baby pics
& family pics
& pics of anything...pretty much.
If you need my services, do not hesitate to call or comment.

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