Thursday, July 5, 2012

The ALGEA-nator comes to the rescue...

Mommy cat taking a sun bath.

Hello, glad you could stop by.
It was a hot one today, wasn't it?

We traveled to Indy this morning to a Dr.'s appointment.  
I swear that they have been working on sections of 31 FOREVER.
Here is a shot of the scenery that I took on the way through Westfield:

This man had to be cooking up there on the giant pile of dirt.  

We came home and Al attacked the pool problem.  If you remember, I posted that our pool has turned to pea soup.  Al took a sample of the water into the pool shop and $65 later....we had dastardly chemicals to do dastardly deeds to the pool.
Pool status....poor, to say the least...
So, I will refer to Al as the Algea-nator.  Kind of like the Terminator, only with algea.  Kind of clever.  His name is Al...hey, it wouldn't work with say...Bob or Jim or Dave.  
So now, we wait.  With 100+ degree days it would be nice to use the pool.
Just sayin.

I am having issues with Pinterest.  I need someone to hold me hand (Beth) and lead me through this intricate maze of stuff.  I have a head ache from trying to just set up my page.  I guess I don't process directions well.  Maybe that is why I'm an artist and not an aerospace engineer.

I finished the lady hippo this evening.  I like her.  Her nose holes kind of bother me, but that is how she looks in the reference photo.
She's done.  12X12 oil   $150.00
Tomorrow I am going to paint one more painting for the African Animals series and then call the series done.  
Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but I am ready to move on.

It is almost bed time.  I am thankful for my family & my friends.  
GOD is awesome, isn't he?  

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