Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Learning to eat corn OFF the cob.

 Happy July 4th!

Well, well....well 
it has been a really nice last few days.  

I keep thinking that it is Sunday evening.
Nope, it's just Wednesday.

Let's go back to Tuesday, shall we?

Tuesday morning I worked in the Artworks Gallery.  
It was  a beautiful morning.

I want to show you a few things that are for sale in the Gallery.

Don Hipsher is now in our co-op.  His style adds a whole new perspective to the Gallery, don't you think?

Here is a view of the first floor.  If you haven't come into the Gallery, you really should come in and check it out.  We have between twenty and twenty-five co-op members.  The work is beautiful and the architecture that it lives in is nice, too.
Madeline Hoffman makes these beautiful bracelets.  She has so much more patience than I do.  

 These are some of Madeline's paintings that are on display at the Gallery.  She has quite an eye for florals.  She works mainly in watercolors.  

This is Lynn Celarek's work.  Isn't it cool?  I will ask her some questions about how it is done and get back with you.  I want to say that this is a needle punching.

After I came home from the Gallery I decided to sit down and paint.  I painted until about 11:30 and then hit the sheets.

End of Tuesday

...and Wednesday begins
I was SURE that I would get up this morning and finish my hippo toot-sweet.  
Nope.  Did not happen.
I had a chance to hang out with my kids and I took it.

Here's a question for you...
What color should your pool not be?
Green is the answer here, folks.
Leia asked me as I came up the stairs to the deck
"Gwandma, what is on the bottom of the pool?"  
I told her it was nothing serious and that we could swim.  
I put two large chlorine tablets in the skimmer and we got in. 
It wasn't green then...
The green became more intense as the day went on.   
So, it is:
I expect a clawed hand to emerge from this.

We had burgers on the grill and corn on the cob.  IT WAS DELICIOUS.  I taught Leia how to eat corn OFF of the cob.  She just thought that she was "all that".  She ate three halves of corn.  I hope that doesn't hit her little system too hard.

Our little two toothed wonder wanted to be like his sister, so he grabbed the empty cob off of his mommy's plate.  

So, here it is...almost 9 at night...and I haven't picked up a paint brush yet.
But, it has been a great day that I will remember....until a few days from now.  For those of us over 50, you understand that statement.  
Someday's I'm lucky to remember what day it is...yeah...
is this Sunday?.....
who are you again?.....
Nighty night hippo....


  1. Asher sure is enjoying that corn!

  2. He HAD to eat like his sissy. He stole this off of his momma's plate.