Friday, July 13, 2012

Cow drool in Hortonville

Lovely lady cow drool.
Hello to you.
We have all lived another day and soon this day will close.
As promised yesterday, 
I drove to Zionsville to work at the gallery this morning.
Here's the sign for the business...
this way you know what to look for...
Before I opened the shop I took pictures around town to use in some later paintings for Christmas.  Something came out in one of these photos while I was looking them over this evening.  I ended up with my reflection doing one of of favorite things.
Kind of cool, huh?  This is a tenth of the size of the original photo.
 I opened the shop at 10am and then I had a surprise visitor.  Madeline Hoffman came down to see the Gallery and me.  It was so nice to visit with her.  We don't get to see each other as much as we would like anymore.  

I promised myself that I was going to finish the macaw today.  I decided that I would not open up my lap top until it was done.  So...there was no computer time today.  I painted both in the gallery and outside on the sidewalk.  There came a point when I had to move back inside due to the heat.
Here is the grouping with the newly finished piece still on the easel.

I finished the painting at about 4:30 this afternoon 
and then closed the store at 5. It was a good sales day, too.

OMGosh, it took forever.
US31 on a Friday at 5pm.

I did make a small side trip, though.  Have you ever been to Hortonville, IN?
Neither had I.  
When I pass the sign on 31, I always think of Horton Hears a Who.  
There happens to be TWO milk cow herds that live just outside of the town.  Yippee!!  
I stopped and spoke to one of the herds and of course, took their pictures.  They were so hot and thirsty.  They were sharing water out of a large tank with a spout.  I sure hope it rains soon.  I hate to see the animals be uncomfortable.
Hortonville herd.  Aren't they pretty? 
I am not sure what breed these ladies are.  
If you happen to know, please let me know.

As I was saying before, it was a long drive home.  
I came home and Al had dinner ready.  
Pizza in a box.  And it was GOOD.
So here I am.  
Writing this and thoroughly enjoying some down time.

Both Galleries are asking for Christmas goods for the holidays, so I need to be looking into getting my plans & materials together.

I think it was a good day
productive day.

Goodnight to you all.  

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