Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tender morsels...

It has been an event filled Wednesday here, folks.

 As you can see, our Dropspin needed to get her hair cut.  She couldn't see out from under her hair, so we made her an appointment out at Affordable Pet Grooming in West Middleton.  
Leia heard me talking about getting Dropspin's hair done and she was excited about seeing where they did made it a field trip.  Mary, her kids & Dropspin took a road trip to the doggie hair salon.   
Leia thought that it was hilarious that the dog was in the van with us and that she had an appointment.  
Since 31 is such a mess, we took the back roads.  I was nice to see the fields and listen to the kids talk to us and each other.   

We took the dog inside and dropped her off and the owner (Mark) said that we needed to stop out back and pet the animals in the pen.  
They told us we could feed the animals if we wanted to.  Just to "go on in".  

Now, I was raised with large animals.  This was just a few goats, a couple of ducks and some miniature danger.  There was no foreseeable problems here.  
Liea feeding the goat a clover flower.

Asher & mommy feeding a young goat.
So, it was a good, teachable event.  I was feeling pretty good about this little trip.  Patting myself on the back for being such a good grandma.  
I invited Leia to go inside the fence with me and feed the animals from a bowl that I had filled in the barn. 
(This is the beginning of the Grandma hell part of the story)

Don't get me wrong, the goats were nice.  The ducks could have cared less that we were there.  As I started pouring food out on the platform the world just went spinning out of control....  
One of our VERY large offenders....

Mrs. offender...
The BIG pigs magically appeared and would you believe they were swirling?
Before I knew what was going on...we were out of food and the piggies were NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.  
Mary was outside the fence with Asher, and in hindsight, I am glad for that.  
These were not angry pigs, just annoyed and looking for more food pigs.  The next thing I know Leia gives a little scream.  She is standing right next to me with her arm in a pigs mouth.
I hear my dad's voice telling me that hogs are dangerous and never to turn your back on them.  
We...are a pen with sharks...and my grandbaby is chum.  I poked him hard on the head, yanked Leia out of his mouth and basically pitched her over the fence towards her mother.  Honestly, I don't remember how Mary caught her...or...if Mary caught her.
Baby, I was out of there.  I mean, if Leia was a tender morsel, what was her much larger grandma gonna be?

We all lived.  Heck, Asher took a nap.
Dropspin can see now.  They did a great job.
 New grandma rule to add to the list:

Don't let the pigs chew on your grand children.

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  1. or to paraphrase Willy, or was it Waylen...Grandmamas, don't let your grandbabies grow up to be hog chow!