Monday, July 16, 2012

Feeling oh so slightly over-whelmed

Monday has arrived with all of it's possibilities.
We are deep in stuff to do here in the Temby house.
I may be feeling a little over whelmed.
I feel kind of like this.
Let me tell you what is going on here.

First, and certainly not least...Al's sister Judy is coming to visit in just 2 days!
She is in her way to Wisconsin to visit with relatives.
It will be my first time meeting her face to face. the house like a mad woman.
AND laundry.
 We had family over for a meal on Saturday, so there was all of that.
This is Leah, Andy, Asher & Mary at the end of said meal.
Sunday, Al went to the church to sing with the chorus.

We are deep, deep...DEEP in Al's writing season, so either he is asleep or propped up at the computer.
As you can see, Gizmo is a big part of the writing process.
  Today I have a reception to attend at Art Works Gallery.  The Gallery building has been given to Kokomo Art Association by a benefactor.  There will be a celebration & champagne after the papers are signed this afternoon.
That is certainly exciting.
210 N. Main, Kokomo
I asked Al & Carlos to help me get my "table" into the gallery to display my cards on.  In case I hadn't mentioned it (right...I have mentioned it several times, I'm sure) I have a line of cards that are from my paintings and photography.  
It is REALLY heavy.  Notice...I'm working the camera....

So they carried it in for me.
After they set it down and let me at it, I found a few surprises.
You see, this treadle machine went from my Grandmother Scott's house to my garage.  I hadn't looked in the drawers, or for that matter even seen the machine itself.  The first drawer I opened had these lovely tools for making hand made lace.  I'll take a picture of them and post them later.  I was so excited, so I opened another drawer.
Mouse nest.
Yup, a whole drawer full...
I didn't say they were all good surprises, did I?
In another drawer I found the box that goes with the machine and the presser feet & other gadgets.
In the last drawer I found a vial with handmade lace in it.
I called dad after I arrived home and he told me that the machine had belonged to my great grandmother Scott.  She had two children and her husband (Joe) died when my Grandfather was 13 months old.  She lived in Lincoln, Indiana.   


As you can see in the picture at the top, I decided to leave the machine itself out.  It is just too pretty not to.  I plan on bringing in a piece of muslin to put in place of the bandanna.  That was all I had at the time.
So, stop in and look at what I will be putting for sale on this "table". 

OK, so what else is going on....

These were a gift from Jill Fortner.  They are about 2 1/2 feet tall. 
I need to be deciding what I am going to do with these nice old cabinet doors.  They are full of possibilities, aren't they?  

Also, both Galleries are wanting to see what we have planned to add to the Christmas displays, so I am floundering in ideas trying to get my head around what I am going to do, how I am going to do it and WHEN I am going to do it.

Pool report:  blue, but needs clarifier....
who has time to get in it?
.......that is all.......

Also, I have several nice big pieces of slate that I need to paint on.... head is swirling....

Tell you what...
I'll go make Al's fruit salad and I'll come back after the reception.

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  1. Oh Sherry, I love the table in your space and I love that you shared it's history... It looks beautiful! I also Love that you are over flowing with ideas... It's so exciting to watch Artists!!! I can't wait to see what you do next!!