Sunday, July 8, 2012

In search of milk cows

It rained today.

It rained for 10 whole minutes.
It rained hard.
And it was wonderful.

While out searching for milk cows to photo, Mary and I discussed the fact that it had rained.  She brought up an interesting concept that I hadn't even thought about.  
(Which, by the way made me proud. Because she's just so doggone smart AND I made her.  So by association...maybe I get to be smart, too?)
Her discussion with me was about "situational gratitude".  We are grateful for things only when it fits our whim to be.  In a "normal" summer we would not be excited to have a cloudy day with the possibility of rain.  We would want sun, sun...SUN!  After so many days of frying in the heat we look at a cloudy day as a wonderful gift.  We all do this, don't we?  We should be thankful in all situations for all things.  Sometimes that is so much easier said than done.
It was a wonderful time alone in conversation with my daughter.  
Normally, we have two little people in our conversations. 
Today it was just us two, laughing & talking and generally just enjoying ourselves.

We (me) were on the hunt for milk cows to photograph.  We were out driving around the outer Greentown / Plevena area.  We had such a time!  We found these lovely cows:
Nope.  Not milk cows.  
We had an adventure when I pulled up to a set of bee hives and I tried to take some pictures from the van.  After I was behind the camera, Mary pointed out to me that there were hundreds of bees hanging in the air above the boxes.  I did not get the shot I wanted.  I was in a hurry (due to the bees).
Yup, focused on the wrong thing.  It's a wonderful picture of the pole, don't ya think?
Indiana farm country
We went through Greentown at the end of our trip.  Mint chocolate chip was Mary's choice.  It gave me just as much joy to buy her a ice cream cone today as it did when she was little. milk cows today.  
What I did get was an unexpected gift.  A moment in time with my baby.  I am glad that she is a mommy, a grown-up.  She's has grown into a person that I like quite a bit. I would like her even if I wasn't her mom. 
And she taught me some things while we drove and talked.
She taught me that I need to be thankful for all things, not just the things that I want to happen.  Maybe, I don't know what's best in all situations.
I should just leave that to the man upstairs.

I am going to call it a day now.
Sleep well everyone.


  1. What a wonderful day you must have had.Grown children can teach you so much.Why didn't our parents ever tell us this?Spending time with them is a wonderful gift from God.Shoot,having them is a wonderful gift from God!

    1. Ronnie, it was wonderful...and all under the pretense that I needed pictures of cows...