Saturday, July 7, 2012

When only a purple Popsicle will do...

It has been a good weekend, so far.
That sounds kind of ominous, doesn't it?

But, it has been good up to this point.

Gizmo sleeping with the work that is going away to be photographed by Bob Dawson.
I gathered up my "African Animal Series" and got them ready for photos.  I am asking Bob Dawson to photograph them so that they can be used to make prints from.

I left the house with seven canvases and a handful of mail.

Are we gonna talk about the price of gas?  OMG, I noticed on my trip out this morning to run my errands.  Who makes the rules here?  It is just crazy.
End of rant...for the
Don't get me started...
I could SWEAR that this is Toni Miller...I couldn't catch up with her in the store.
I stopped at my third home away from home to get odorless paint thinner.  I had already been to the grocery (my second home away from home).  I carried in my hamburger into Hobby Lobby to keep it cool.  I felt really silly carrying around burger in the craft store, but guess what?  I was not the only one. :)

Back home again to paint and make some lunch.  Here's a photo of the last painting in the "African" series in progress.  
In progress
I got to spend some time with my kids & grand-kids today.  Al & I took Mary, Leia & Asher out for some much needed ice cream.  We all really enjoyed the time out.
Happy baby makes for a happy mommy
...and a happy mommy makes for a happy grandma
Eatin' ice cream.
We had a wonderful time.

After some time at Grandpa & Grandma's house, Leia is ready to go home.  The long discussion over which color popsicle she would accept will live in my mind for a long time.  It is amazing how argumentative a three year old can be.  She was definitely on a mission.  I must have pulled a dozen popsicles out the the freezer before I found the right one. 
BECAUSE there are times when only a purple popsicle will do.

Thank you GOD for letting there be a purple popsicle in that freezer.
Thank you, indeed.


  1. Sherry

    I absolutely LOVE your African paintings. As I was looking at them all laid out together on the table I was struck by the fact that they look so good together.....was thinking that if there were two more to even the lines to 3 across and 3 down that would be a really great grouping for someone who has a large wall. I love your art!


    1. Thank you Debi! I wanted these to work as a cohesive group when I hung them in the Gallery in Zionsville. That is why you see the same colors used in many of the pictures.
      Thank you for the compliments.


  2. Did you notice that it looks like Gizmo is trying to blend in? Like, don't mind me... i'm just an african animal in an african pose...
    He's a funny kitty