Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soup & A Nap

Stylized photo of the pumpkin display out in front of Woody's on Dixon.
Oh my GOSH we have been busy.

My mom used to say after she retired, 
that she didn't know how she got everything done 
when she worked.  
I get what she was saying now.
Some days just go buzzing by.

Let's look at yesterday, shall we?
To start the day Al had band practice at some un-Godly hour.  
Next we needed to escort our favorite three year old to 
McGuffy Acres for a field trip at 9:30.
There, we learned about bees and pumpkins and jumped in the corn.

We had lots of fun.
We stopped by McDonalds to pick up a happy meal 
for L before we took her home. 
After dropping her off we stopped at Panera for some soup.  
We had gotten pretty wet/cold/soggy at the field trip, 
so we needed hot soup.

Afterwards we were just worn out,
so it was nap time.  
I can not come close to telling you how wonderful it was
to get under the covers and pass out.
After our nap, 
Al had to run out and get a few errands done
and I picked up the house while waiting 
on the West family to arrive.  
They are opening a restaurant in Downtown Kokomo
and I am loaning them a few things to add to the ambiance of the place.
We loaded and truck and they were on their way.

it was on to Al's birthday dinner.  
I had three things that I needed to do last night, 
but birthdays trump everything.
He and I went out to Red Lobster.
  Al ate a lot of shrimp.  
I ate those wonderful biscuits.
We ate too much, for sure.   

I hadn't had time to bake a cake, so we had to buy one.
We picked up a chocolate cake and ice cream on the way home.
(Read was astounded that I DID NOT bake a cake)

Our evening ended with the two of us watching the presidential debates
while I cleaned photos.

No, I did not enjoy the debates.  
I thought both men were rude to each other and their moderator.
What happened to people being polite?

That is all I have to say about politics.

I am going to tag some pictures of the parade 
from last weekend onto the end of this.  

A LOT of people.  

The parade had 18 bands in it and lasted for over two hours.  

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

I am a sucker for horses.

You have to have bagpipes in a parade.

The parade queens 

a salute...

Ha ha, Al.  Tractors.
He always makes fun of the Russiaville parade and it's tractors.

A tall patriotic gelding

Al working, working, working.

Close up of the fire wagon

I didn't get to see anyone in an ear of corn suit, but I did see a corn hat.

more horses
It sure was fun.  
Have a great Indiana fall day.
See you soon.