Friday, May 31, 2013

Time Flies

Oh my gosh....
time flies doesn't it?
So much to talk about
so little time.
Iris in the "front flower bed".

I hope that this blog finds you all healthy, well & happy.
Time continues on whether we are ready 
for it to or not.  

Where do I start this time?  
Let's start at vacation.
Al & I decided that we were going to go on vacation this year.  
Because of the nature his business, 
we have to go in the spring or winter.

We chose spring.
I wanted to drive south.
We hadn't been to the mountains.
So, south we went.
This is on the road to our cabin in North Carolina.  About an hour drive from Ashville, NC.

My plan for this trip was that we would stay for a few days in a cabin 
and tour the Biltmore mansion. 
Then we would "bop" down 
to see his sister & nephew in South Carolina 
and finish out 
with three days in Gatlinburg TN.

At the cabin.

I overscheduled just a teeny bit.

Yes, we did it all.
BUT, oh my GOD 
we were tired when we got home.

In my defense
I didn't know that we were going to drive almost to Georgia.

Judy, Al & Michael.  Judy & Michael live in Aiken, SC.  
next year we will return 
and spend a few more days in the 
Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area
to catch up on all that we missed.

We will spend MUCH less time in the car.

I plan on making greeting cards/note cards out of the photos 
that I took in the National Park.  
Here are a few samples:
The streams were incredible.

Do we have anything like this in Indiana?

This is going be used in a painting.

The mountains with the clouds and sun were mesmerizing.  
BTW: We bought a mason jar of moonshine, but more on that later. :)
"A jar full of fun"

SO...did that...
And then we came home.

I had several senior pictures shoots 
to finish up when I returned from vacation.

I met up with Shelby Bishop at Highland Park for her shoot.

Shelby on the bridge

Shelby closer up
 Shelby and her sisters were just 
tiny little people when I babysat for them. 
It was a nice day for a shoot.  
It doesn't get any better than this. 
Pretty girl...good weather...nice background. 

 A few days later I went out with my niece Johnna to finish up her photos.
She had some definite ideas about what she 
wanted from her final shoot with me. 

The weather was pretty threatening towards the end of the shoot.  
She and I decided to thumb our noses 
at the danger and took these pics:
I missed the lightning...

Johnna is my baby brother's daughter.  I loved that the wind was involved with this.

So now I am ready to start a whole new year of senior pictures.

This is my favorite of Johnna's shots.  I posed her in front of the headboard of a bed that my Grandfather Scott slept in.  I thought the carving was unusual and it had significance to our family history.  The wood tones really made this picture "pop".  Aside from the artistic perspective, when I spent the night as a child in this bed, it was a feather tick.  I love this bed.

For the past few months 
I have been working on a 
commissioned painting that 
really had me stumped. 
 I am glad to say that I have completed and delivered that painting!
Sorry to say I do not have a photo of it with me to post here.  
I promise I will do so in the future.

I have started an animal painting to kind of refresh my soul.
It is making good progress.

OK, what else have I been up to?

I had an adventure last week with my Great Aunt Pauline.

My Great Uncle Richard Rhine passed on a few months ago.  
He was my Grandmother Scott's last living sibling.

Aunt Pauline called me and asked if I would like to look through a suitcase of old photos and personal items that he had left?  
OH BOY!  You bet I would!

I packed up my scanner, computer, camera & Al and off we went.

Richard Rhine
I love family history.  
I especially love photos from times past.
It promised to be a wonderful morning as we went through the suitcase.
Pauline had the window cracked open and I could hear the birdies in the fence row calling back and forth. 
 Pure heaven.
This is it!

Al came along for company.
 Aunt Pauline said she would get a longer couch before we came again.

Aunt Pauline Rhine & I
I sat my scanner up on the kitchen table and we got started.  
My Aunt is my Uncle Richard's second wife.  
She explained to me that she was unsure of what was in the case, 
but that we would go through it all to see what was there.

Uncle Richard's sons were coming to take 
the contents of the case in just a few days.

Richard & his first wife Faye (Savage) Rhine
Uncle Richard, John Dixon & my dad Joe Scott
This is my Great Grandfather Rhine & uncle Rich.
I love looking at old photos.  There is so much to look at.  
It takes me to another place. 
How about you?  

Cows & history!   Great photo.  I imagine myself taking this picture with the sun on my back and the smells of the farm around me.

Boy these boys look happy, don't they?  It is cousin Stewart & uncle Rich.
Check out the homemade cement mixer.  That is the Walter House bank barn in the background.

My Great Grandparents owned a butcher shop in Lincoln, IN.  That is my Great Grandmother with the crew.  My father was able to name all of these people when I showed this to him.

Isn't this wonderful?  I can only imagine how many man hours this represents.

This is my Great Great Grandparents William & Martha Rhine.
Their son Harry Rhine was my Great Grandfather.
I could (and have) spend hours looking at clothing styles 
and backgrounds in these old pictures. 
Who were they as people?  
How did they live?  
What were their worries & joys?
These were my Great Great Great Grandparents "on the other side of the house"  Nellie (Eckley) House was my Great Great Grandmother.  It amazes me how much she looks like my Grandmother.   
I am so glad that these people took the time to sit for these photos. 
I am also thankful that the photos survived until now.

The Scott side photos were lost in Hurricane Andrew in Florida.

It took us several hours to go through the suitcase.  
We had a wonderful time.
I scanned in well over 120 items.  
I will show you some more in the future.

I guess I just love photos.  
Whether I am taking them, scanning them or collecting their images.

My kids will have quite a "collection" to deal with when my time comes.
What a pictorial history collection they will have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Have a great day and a good weekend.
See you soon.