Friday, June 29, 2012

Marching in the sun

Once upon a time,
I was in marching band.
It was a very, very long time ago.
34 years as a matter of fact.  
I played the flugelhorn.
I didn't march well & I didn't play well, but we had fun.

Read & I at Maconaquah High School.  We had just finished unloading the trucks.

Move ahead to my kids in 
(Indiana State Champions for 4 years in a row, by GOD)
I fell completely in love with the whole band process.
I loved the music, companionship & the traveling.  
I fell in love with the band kids and they called me mom.
I discovered that I was competitive.  
I was involved for 10 years as Production Manager.
I loved it.
I miss it.
My kids are now adults.
it is over.

That husband of mine in his "tune it or die" t-shirt.
Remember, it is GOOD to be Al Temby.
The man, the myth the legend...
I know, I married a guy who lives marching band.
But, it is just not the same as traveling to the venue & competing.

Today we went to watch the 
Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps practice.
They were (are) out at Eastern in Greentown all day, today.
Here are some pics of our time over there:
This you man reminded me of Dalon Liggon.  Talk about graceful, he was it.

There he stands, waiting for the flag to finish spinning and come back to his hands.

This made me laugh.  She was staff.

Here are part of the horn group.  I thought the the colorful shorts was interesting.
Come to find out, the color denotes which instrument they play. 
It was fun AND hot.  Really hot.
We decided that we would go back home and enjoy the A/C.

I took pictures of these Haflinger horses on the way home.  I want to paint them at some point in the future.  I got to meet their owner, Mr. Jameson. 

Here is the Loin painting.  It is done.
Done. 12X12 oil $150
Started this one last night:

I need to work on the baby's head shape.

My plan is to change out all of the farm animal paintings that hang in the Zionsville Co-op (Art in Hand) with this new African animal set of paintings.  I will then move the farm animal paintings to the Kokomo Gallery (Artworks Gallery).  I have another two weeks to finish out the wild animals.

I had better get at it.  
Work, work, work.
Paint, paint.....paint.


This is done.  12X12 oil.  $150

So, what will my next wild animal be?
Heck, I don't know.  
I'm gonna go eat some dinner and think it over.
See ya...


Thursday, June 28, 2012

THEY's gonna be hot

So, I hear them saying on TV that it is gonna be hot today.
Over & OVER again, I hear them telling me how hot it is gonna be.
I get it.
Please stop telling me the obvious....

Yes, it's hot.
No, I won't start any fires.
Yes, I'll drink water.

Let's move on to something else.

Here is what I worked on yesterday evening:
Mother lioness.  

Here it is with the cub added.  (Notice the guy in the bikini on the TV)
I plan on painting most of today, also.  
I have another wild animal painting in my mind to add to the series.
I had better get to work...

See you in a while.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Painting until my fingers bleed....uh, yeah...

It's an easel day.
To me, that means that I am going to spend 
the majority of the day at the easel.
Here is what I started yesterday evening:

It's a giraffe, but you can't really tell, yet.
This was in the late afternoon, yesterday.

Here we are at bedtime.  Kind of interesting, huh?

So, I need to work on the giraffe today and
set up a new painting to finish out my
African Series.
Maybe a lion cub?

Thanks to my good friend Madeline Hoffman, I am hooked on these 12 X 12 museum canvases.  I really like to use them.
She has also gifted me with this great container with a lid that keeps my paint from drying up.
Have I mentioned that she is also very gifted?  Go to Artworks Gallery to check out her work.

One of Madeline's pieces.  Watercolor.

Another good friend of mine (Beth, of Granny Bees) is on the 
"Sherry, why don't you give painting lessons" bandwagon.
I am thinking about it.
She has some ideas about how I should go about setting it up.
If you have an interest in taking lessons, let me know.
I think it might be fun.


Well, I had better get to "work".
Can we really call it work?
Air conditioning, TV and a tall glass of tea...
now, if I can only make an income at it...

See you later on today.
Have a good one, ok?


2:30 in the afternoon.....

Pool time.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puttin' in Gallery Time

Good Morning!

Here we are back at Tuesday, again.  
I am working the morning here at the Artworks Gallery in Kokomo.
Good times.  I love talking to the customers.
We have had quite a few people through the store this morning.
I get to meet new people & I learn quite a lot.

Steve Auth getting ready to ride

I have Corene's card order ready for delivery.  
I set behind the desk at the Gallery and stamped the cards with my e-mail address on the backs.  

After I get off work at the Gallery, I have a new painting set up to go.  I think I may have a little "pool time", before I get to any real work, today.

I'll be back with you in just a little while.
See ya.


Yup, pool time was WONDERFUL.
I read my book and enjoyed some quiet time out there.
I might even have gotten a little burnt around the edges.

Gizmo taking a standing snooze...

Here is Al & his group singing last night at the big Barbershop Men's Chorus get together.
They had forgotten the words to the next verse.  Pretty funny.

Here are all of the guys singing at the end of the evening's event.

After having a bite to eat, I have sat down to start a new painting.
I will show it to you here in a little bit.
Cross your fingers...



Monday, June 25, 2012

We lasted until 10:30.....

We had SUCH A WEEKEND here in Tembyville.

My extremely handsome husband


It took me an entire day to "bounce back" from the Welcome Back, Mark party.

Was it the adult beverages?
Could be.

All in all, we had a great time.
Good food, conversation & a beautiful summer evening.
It was glorious.
Mark holding court flanked by Kay & Abbie.  That's Amber Smith in the background.

Abbie made it into this pic, too.  Ronnie enjoyed herself, I think.

Anna, beautiful as usual.

Dave, Anna's husband.  He looks too comfortable.

It was great seeing Sue.

Mark filling up his plate.

Ronnie's son (Justin) & his family came and swam.  Look at this beautiful little face.  His girls thought it was really funny that I had changed their daddy's diapers.  
We really had a nice time catching up and laughing.  
I wish that all of our classmates could have been here.  
We all need to get together, just to visit.
Life is short, you know.

OK, on to other things.
The Marilyn Monroe painting was delivered to Kay, 
so now I get to set up another painting today.
(I'm a poet & don't know it)
The next painting that is commissioned is of Carol Lombard.
Notice?   NO HANDS!

On Sunday, I got up and felt pretty....not good.
I cleaned up the party site and watched "Pride & Prejudice".
A little after noon Al & I traveled over to
Grandpa & Grandma Campbells for Asher's birthday party.
We had a lovely time.  Asher enjoyed himself.
Here are some photos from that event:
Great Grandpa Campbell & some of his g-grand-kids

Bob & Read


Father & son

Al, Bobbie & Wayne.  That's Megan in the front.

Read & Megan

cake up the nose

Handsome boy

Asher with Grandpa & Bobbie

Washing off cake
Wasn't that fun?  
I am so fortunate to have such a family.  

Well, I better get to work.
Have a good day everybody.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting "Party Ready"

I have spent the last few days getting "Party Ready".
Boy, has THAT changed since we were teenagers/young adults.

Getting party ready now means making sure the house is presentable. 
We have to check & make sure we have adequate amounts of
toilet paper.  

And enough places to sit and be comfortable when we talk. 
That's it.  
We are set to go.  

So very many years ago I remember that we had a party at 
Sharon's house up in Goshen, Indiana.  
Getting "Party Ready" meant so much more.  
First of all the keg had to be bought and transported.  The car that we hauled it in was so small we nearly turned over in the curve that led to her house.

Next we had to make sure that the NEW TRASH CAN was clean & ready.
It was put by the front door so that you could pour in your beverage of choice as you walked in.  We were so cool.


Sharon's parents were gone for the week.  
Did they have a clue?  Well...what do you think?

Sharon's parents had traveled quite a bit & they had really nice furniture, 
so Sharon & I spent two hours covering all the tables with tin foil.  

What were we thinking?  
Looking back at this as an "adult" I just shake my head.

Pizza bought, ice made, in-house band set up in the basement.
Could I hear the next day?
Do I remember much that happened that night?  
No, I don't.
Maybe that is a good thing.  

So tonight, as an adult, I am "party ready".  
I hope I remember this one.  
Given my age, it may not be that easy.  

Friday, June 22, 2012


Good morning!
It's another wonderful day here at Sherrill Studios.
So much to do, so very much to do.

My day had kind of a slow start yesterday.  
I guess you could say that I had problems getting some traction on my day.
When it finally did kick in, I accomplished quite a bit.
I was preoccupied with the sky waiting for the rain.  
It was wonderful to see & smell the rain, wasn't it?  

I thought that I knew what I was going to start painting, but I was wrong.  Maybe that is why I had the slow start.  Here's photos of my progression through the day.

Mid day

Before dinner

At bedtime

I have to run over to the printers and order cards for two customers.
I'll check back in later.
See ya :)

I made it to the printers.  
I worked at picking up the house this afternoon 
and planned on painting this evening.
As sometimes happens, my plans changed radically.  

Mark Roberts came over & He, Leia & I swam with Al in the pool.  
We had a great time.
I can paint anytime, but how often do I get to swim 
with some of my favorite people?
Leia spent most of her time shooting "Mr. Robbins" in the ear. 

Now, it's almost 11pm & I am getting ready to paint.
I don't know how long this painting session will last, 
but I'm gonna give it a try.

See you in the morning.