Monday, June 4, 2012

Walking up hill on a treadmill

I have not accomplished much here at Sherrill Studios, today. 
I think the weekend has caught up to me.  

I had to go to St. Jo Hospital for a test this morning.  
Before my test I stopped in to see Anna's mom.  She has broken her leg and is currently in ICU.  It was nice to see her.  I probably spent as much time at Anna's folks house as I did my own, growing up.  The Flynn family put up with a lot of my teenage drama.  Anyway, Gladys is hanging in there.  I appreciate it if you would keep her in your prayers.  I am sure Anna could use a few prayers, too.  

So, after seeing Gladys, I went on over to the Cardiac section of the hospital.  I had a test scheduled for 10am.  I decided that the hospital must run on "football time".  Football time is Al saying to me that there are just 10 minutes left in a game and 30 minutes later they are STILL PLAYING football.  My appointment was for 10am.  They called me back at 11am.  Everything seemed to run on football time once I stepped through the cardiac door.  
Don't get me wrong, they were very professional and kind.  
I was just there a long time.  

I was worried about how hard it would be to go fast on the treadmill.  That was NOT the problem today.  They gave me a nice handle to hold onto and a kind nurse telling me what was going to happen next.  

Everybody that knows me, knows that I am a klutz.  

The problem was after they got the treadmill going 90 miles an hour and on an uphill slant...she explained that I had to "hop" off.  They don't turn the thing down.  
Folks, I don't hop.  
It was touch & go there for a few seconds.

To bring this long winded story to an end, I survived the test and the "hopping" off of the treadmill.  They gave me my results and thanked me for my patience.  I stopped back by to see Gladys one more time and went on home.  
Then I took a big fat nap.  

The  catheterization will wait for a day next week.

I hope it doesn't involve hopping.

By the way...WAY TO GO Mark Roberts!  I am so proud of you.  I know that giving up those cigarettes wasn't easy, but you did it.  Let us hope that this decision will prolong your life and keep you out of the Cardiac unit. 

I seem to be totally useless to my business, today.  
I spent this evening with my kids (real, married-in, dating & adopted), and my grandkids at Bob & Mary's house.  I just showed up un-announced and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Family is a wonderful, miraculous thing.  
Especially my family.

Good night to all.


  1. Okay,, I'm all for a good story... but the health care professionals said "you're done,,, hop off "?????? wow ! ... THAT would have been the sight to see, either one of us trying to hop off a moving treadmill !

    PS: I like the blog,,, but I like it more now than I can contribute !

    1. Thanks, I like being able to talk to you guys, too. You know this electronic stuff is all a mystery to me...

      Yeah, can you see me "hopping"? I swear she pulled me off by the cords. I know I didn't make that move...