Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puttin' in Gallery Time

Good Morning!

Here we are back at Tuesday, again.  
I am working the morning here at the Artworks Gallery in Kokomo.
Good times.  I love talking to the customers.
We have had quite a few people through the store this morning.
I get to meet new people & I learn quite a lot.

Steve Auth getting ready to ride

I have Corene's card order ready for delivery.  
I set behind the desk at the Gallery and stamped the cards with my e-mail address on the backs.  

After I get off work at the Gallery, I have a new painting set up to go.  I think I may have a little "pool time", before I get to any real work, today.

I'll be back with you in just a little while.
See ya.


Yup, pool time was WONDERFUL.
I read my book and enjoyed some quiet time out there.
I might even have gotten a little burnt around the edges.

Gizmo taking a standing snooze...

Here is Al & his group singing last night at the big Barbershop Men's Chorus get together.
They had forgotten the words to the next verse.  Pretty funny.

Here are all of the guys singing at the end of the evening's event.

After having a bite to eat, I have sat down to start a new painting.
I will show it to you here in a little bit.
Cross your fingers...



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