Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mark, back home again, in Indiana

Well, Mark Roberts has made it safely back home.  
He is on the ground (the dry, parched, arid ground) of beautiful Indiana.

He left us a year ago to go find himself and I have missed him.

Here are a few pictures:    

Mark as a MUCH YOUNGER teacher (with hair).

I have known Mark (AND all of these kids) my whole life.  Here we are in 3rd grade.
He is in the second row down, third in from the left.  Can you find Ronnie, Anna & I?
GOD, I hated that dress...

Here we all are again.  Mark is in the second row up on the end.  I am in the third row between Joey Swartz and the famous David Goad.

OK, Mark isn't in this one.
He must have gone to kindergarten in the afternoon.  Although, Gary Bunce could pass for him.  I telling you, I have known these people all of my life.

Mark & I were thick as thieves in school.  
He is my "other brother".  What else can I say?  

I love him to pieces and I'm glad that he's home, if only for a few weeks.  

I look forward to having our friends over this Saturday to celebrate his homecoming.  I love catching up with everybody & having good conversation.  Please consider coming to help us celebrate.  We'll plan on meeting at my house about 5ish and go until we are all tired.  Given our age, who knows...that could be 7:30.

OK, now on to my business stuff.
I had a good art business day, yesterday.

Fred & Buster
Fred Barber came in to pick up his photo disc.
I always enjoy visiting with him.  
I have met some really nice people in this business and Fred is one of them.
We have our next dog shoot coming up in August.
Stay tuned for the basset hound.  It should be fun.  
I love the way that they are built.  They are sturdy little guys.

Last summer's orange rose in the front yard.
My card lady came in to pick out her card designs.
She ordered 35 cards!  I have decided that I love this lady.
It's nice to have a place to use the pictures that I am always taking.

I came home from working at the Gallery chomping at the bit to paint.  
So, in the last day & a half, I have "spit out" this pretty baby.
Isn't he pretty?  He's for sale, oh course...aren't they all? 12X16 oil
I really like this little man.  This was just so easy to paint, because I love the subject matter and I wanted to do it.  Gosh, this was fun.

Welcome home, Mark.  
Enjoy the weather while you are here.

See you tomorrow. 



  1. I love your posts!How can I get a link to your art sight.I wanted to share it with Scott and Brandon.Scott doesn't have a personal fb account,but he is going to get one soon.

  2. Well Ronnie, I don't have my website up yet. But give them this address and have them come check this out:

    I would love their feedback on these things.
    See ya Saturday.