Sunday, June 3, 2012

A day of rest?

Home from church.  
Al & I attend First Evangelical Presbyterian on Jefferson Street, here in Kokomo.  Good sermon & communion today.  
This was our last time singing with the choir before the summer break of choir.  I sing alto, by the way.
Lafayette zoo llama
I am getting ready to leave for the Fred dog shoot.  Fred is a great guy with multiple dogs.  I do their photo shoot during the week of each dog's birthday.  I will put a few up here for you to see.   
Here are the dogs that I have completed for Fred.
As you can see, I can't figure out how to put them together in one spot...

After this shoot today, I will be heading over to Center, IN to paint a puppy on the wall at the Designer Show Home.  The home owners asked that the frog that I painted be replaced by a dog.  It is right down on the woodwork like it is sitting on the floor.  Given my age, this painting position should be interesting, don't you think?

We'll talk about how all of this went when I come back.

OK, done with my out of the house projects. The Fred Barber dog shoot went well.  That is the next photo cleaning project after I get Candy & Brad's photos cleaned.  I also have Marilyn Monroe's hand to finish up.  This little pup is on the wall at the Show home in place of the frog.  I AM NOT physically meant to lay on the floor and paint on the wall.  Nuff said.  


Sold this today!  
Business is picking up.
Thank you, GOD.  

Back to cleaning photos.
See you again before I go to bed.  


My end of the day is here.  

Eighty-two "Save the Date" photos finished, ready for delivery tomorrow.  

Bring on tomorrow!


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