Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good verses Evil....the cholesterol game begins....

Well, I survived yesterday.
Very little pain, not a lot of blood, good drugs.
The take away statement for the day was the doctor saying 
"Well, Mrs. Temby, your cholesterol was surprisingly lower than I expected".
Does that mean that 
it is stamped on my face 
that I can't walk past a potato chip?
(No, it's stamped on my hips, thank you)
No stint for me. 
a heart healthy diet and some Lipitor.

Am I excited about this?
No, but it is nice that I didn't have anything more serious.  Let the cholesterol war begin...

So, a weekend at home is on the docket.  I am on house arrest due to the artery thing-y.  It has to have several days to heal over or I might squirt across the room like a balloon.

I took this photo out at Bob Auth's place in the fall.
I have learned some new things on Photo Shop.  
I can insert color shapes and then put text on top of the shape.  
That helps with the photos that are "busy" and it is hard to see the text. 

I plan on painting today & working on cards.
I have Mary & the kids coming over to visit, later.
No pool for me.  I have to be out for a week.

One last thing for the morning...
Rock of Ages
This movie intrigues me.  
I know, call me silly, but every time the ad comes on the TV 
I stop and sing along with Pour Some Sugar on me (what a great intro) 
Is it because it is music from my "era"?
Is it because it's a kick #@** song?

I certainly isn't because Tom Cruise is in it. 
(I didn't know that until a day or so ago) 

if someone goes & watches it, 
let me know if it is any good.  
Then, I can decide if I am going to spend the $40 to go see it myself.
Oops, popcorn allowed....make that $20.

See you at the end of the day.

This day did not go exactly as planned.  
Not that it wasn't a good day, just different than I had planned.
I did make it over to Staples to get my cards printed. 
I do have that going for me.
Look at this tongue
My grandbabies, daughter & almost daughter in law 
came over for lunch & time together.  
We all ate lunch & then Read left for work.
Since they won't let me get in the pool for a week, 
 I sat on the deck & took pictures.

Good LORD, it was hot today.  
Isn't he handsome?
Leia started out with her floaty ring 
and a while later moved onto her water wings. 
She is growing up so fast.  
She gets braver every time she gets in the pool.
She is very proud that she can travel down the ladder 
& put herself into the pool.

How can she be mine?
Look at that little bitty butt.

I want to say at this point that I certainly 
appreciate Dave Hawkins building us a gate for the deck.  
Although we have talked until we are blue in the face about being 
with an adult in the pool, I feel so much better with a gate up.  
Heck, sometimes I forget how to open that latch.

When the storm clouds rolled in we all got out 
of the pool & took down all of the outside stuff.  
I just KNEW it was gonna rain.
We had thunder & dark was gonna rain.

It did not rain.

After we dressed the kids and settled in the living room, 
I realized that I was completely worn out.  
Everyone went on home & I became a couch potato.

And so the second half of the day went.  
Not a lot of work accomplished, but time with the people I love. 

Good night everyone.

Hope it rains.


  1. If you go to the movies before noon, tickets are only $4.50 & before 3 (I think that's the cutoff) tickets are only $6.50. Otherwise we would never go to the movies$

    1. By the way....
      I LOVE the handle "Miss Candy Pants".
      It is the bomb.

  2. I know, Candy. It's just how I feel about going to the movies. Shoot, Kristy Smith & I went to the Saturday morning movies here in Kokomo for the price of two empty milk cartons from first grade.

    I CAN NOT believe how much it costs to go to the movies anymore.
    I guess before I waste my money there, I want someone else to do it first and get back with me.

    Wow, do I sound bitter or what? :)