Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kiss my behind, Kelly.

Good evening.

It has been a day here at the House of Temby.

Al has had two sing outs with his barbershop group, today. 
He looks so handsome with his tux on.  
He is noticeably thinner, by the way.

Still working on Marilyn's hands & getting ready to put the text in.

I have been able to be home most of the day.  I have been working on the occasion cards with scripture verses on them.  
This was at the Flower & Patio show.

I think I have mentioned in the past how I grieved over the "death" of Picnic.  They shut off my post-processing-easy-peasy-free-as-the-wind program on April 20th.  
I just kept myself in denial until the very bitter end.  
My Al had given me Photo Shop for Christmas, 
but of course, I put off learning it until the VERY end.  
It was been a bumpy ride. 

I took this picture standing in my Grandma Scott's yard.  That there's a Russiall-tucky cloud.

Peonies that Anna brought me last year

When I started this day, 

I didn't understand about 
inserting, manipulating & moving text.  
I am getting better at it.  

After a few 
emergency calls to 
Chad McCarter & Madeline Hoffman, I know just enough to be dangerous.

So, I have sent the prospective customer some examples by e-mail.  Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

I called to check on Chad West.  He is my friend that had to have his arm "set" today.  He had the larger bone in his lower arm broken in such a way that they had to put plates & screws in.

All for hitting a curb with his bicycle. 
Chad, you are in my prayers.
Out at Bob Auth's place

Al gives me a hard time about having my camera with me all the time.  
I think that doing that gives me a varied catalog of pictures.  
I take pictures of everything.

Congratulations to my friend Kay on getting a new job today.  I am sure that you will enjoy this job much more than the old one.  
It seems that a lot of my girl friends from high school hit a giant life adjustment around the age of fifty.  
Life is funny that way, isn't it? 

I said to a person in his twenties last week, that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  
He said, I kid you not, "yeah, I've heard that Kelly Clarkson song".  
I told him that I had heard that bit of wisdom since I was a child.  

Kelly doesn't have that one cornered.

You may not hear from me tomorrow.  
I am going down to 106th & Meridian for my "procedure".  
They tell me that I am going to get some good drugs that are going to make me not care a whit about anything.  I look forward to that.

They called today to offer me an earlier time.  

I asked how early?  Six am, she said. 

I didn't know they still made that time.

I told her no, 
I wanted all of my nurse & doctor type people 
to be fully coffee-d & awake & on their game. 

See ya soon. 


  1. I still have that Photoshop book you can borrow!! Looking good!!!! I will keep you in my prayers tomorrow...

  2. Thank you, my friend. I am taking the pot lid with me to work on in the hospital.

    1. BTW....only a very few people will have any idea what I am talking about. Don't sprain you brain over this one, folks.

    2. Thinking of you today... Goodluck and Rest so you can get back into the Pool with that precious Grand...