Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jumping from a perfectly fine aircraft...

I took the day off from blogging, yesterday.
I took the day off from everything, yesterday.
Some days, you just need to veg.
So here I am starting out this day talking about how wonderful yesterday was.   

We were planning on having a get 
together that evening, so I had to
run out for groceries.  I drove to
you know where & picked up every thing that I needed EXCEPT corn on the cob.
I really don't like to shuck corn AND their corn looked like to had seen better days.  I ran over to Save A Lot and picked up corn. 

Before I went home I stopped off and picked my my little Leia and I brought her home to help me cook.  She wanted to get in the pool right off the bat, of course, but I told her we had work to do first.
Leia & I have fun in the kitchen.  Everything is a big adventure for her.  I am so blessed to have this little person standing on a chair in the apron that I made for her mommy, when she was that age.  

So we assembled our Or ida cheesy casserole and got it put in the oven.   She let me know that she was getting hungry, so I got out the chicken and hot dogs and we headed on outside to the grill.  
I threw the food on the grill and Leia puttered around the yard.  Chicken on the grill scares me, so I had decided to grill it & then baste it in barbecue sauce & slow bake it in the oven.  Just to be sure.  
NO BODY likes raw chicken.
After we had hot dogs cut up with what Leia calls "ketchup sauce" we got into the pool.  No, I am not showing you pictures of that...I do have some pride left, thank you.  

Kelly Hunt is a very good friend of mine who I just don't get any time with, anymore.  She sent me this package in the mail about her upcoming birthday.  I thought to myself, how nice.  
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly.  
Are you CRAZY?
She is going to jump out of an airplane for her birthday, AND she is inviting me & her other friends to do the same.

Don't get me wrong.  
I'll watch HER do it.
From the ground.
I love you Kel.  You are much, much more brave than I will ever be.
I'll be there...with a hefty bag and a pancake flipper.  
You go ahead & jump.

So, back to yesterday...
The tomatoes that I forgot to chunk up for dinner.
I swam with Leia & her Grandpa for a few hours and then we got out and prepared for our company.  The chicken was staying warm in the oven, the cheese potatoes were doing the same.  The only thing to do was boil the corn and set the table.   
Leia was looking just a little dazed, bless her heart.  She had played hard in the water and she needed a nap.  Her mommy came and picked her up before our company came. 

I love to eat, but as my friends know, I am not a great cook.  
I can make the basic stuff.

What excites me is the conversation that happens 
when we have people over to eat.  
New ideas.  
New concepts.  
Laughing & talking.

And that, folks, is what we had last night.

My sister from another mother stopped by.  
Anna & I have been friends for so long.  I enjoyed seeing that face. 
She is in a difficult time right now.  
I'll be her rock.  
I know she'll be mine when my time comes with my folks.  

I want to thank the West family for good conversation & great company, also.  
The rum soaked roasted pineapple chunks didn't hurt either.  

Well, I have to get to "work".  
I have hands and paws to paint.
I will catch up with you later today.


  1. Sherry - maybe we can work out a deal for a photographer for my party???? Also, please post more about those rum soaked pineapple chunks. They sound scrumptious. Kelly, your not-yet-old friend!!!

    1. Kelly, I would love to take pictures.

      I'll find out about the pineapple & post it. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This is CandyTreat - I would also like to know more about those rum soaked roasted pineapple chunks! :)

  4. Sorry to keep commenting! Thought I would actually comment from my Google account! lol besides wanting to know about the pineapples, wanted to say the supplies you are bringing to Kelly's party are pretty witty :)

    1. Thank you, Candy. Kelly knew that I would NOT be going up in a plane. She knows that my knees shake from the top on a ladder, let alone a plane.
      Do you think I will need more than one Hefty bag?

      I promise there will be a pineapple update soon....

  5. I would like to be there with you and Anna sometime.I miss all the crazy times we used to have(Anna wasn't there...unfortunately)Her and I were best friends before I moved to CA.

    1. I talked about this to Anna today. She came up to help with the move for her mom. Her mom has been in the hospital for over a week with a broken leg that they can't set, yet.

      Yes, we all need to get together and hang out.
      She is going to find out what her schedule is for the next couple or weeks and get back with us so we can plan something.
      We have had some fun....haven't we? :)

  6. Sherry, go watch this clip, and you will never shuck corn again!!!! I tried, it, and it WORKED!!!!