Saturday, June 2, 2012

IT is the butt crack of dawn...

And I ain't lion....

If I were any funnier, I'd have to go on the road.

I am dressed and ready to go pack the van for this day's event.  I posted the tiger because that is the other painting that I will be working on today.  This pic is my reference photo.  

It's cold, but the sun is shining.  Come on down and see me on the corner of Main & Walnut.  I'll be the one with the mukluks on.  

See you here after the event.  Stay warm.

+ --------------------------------------- +
Here I am with my bench after the reveal.
Here I am back home after a long, interesting day.
I can't wait to tell you all about it. 

I did set up my easel at the corner of Walnut & Main Streets and got ready to paint.  It was pretty breezy, so I had to hold on to all of my stuff (including the easel) when the wind would gust.  It was nice that the my spot was right next to the Park Bench Reveal site.

I worked on the new painting in between gusts of wind.  It was pretty rough on the vendors in the street & in the tents.  The wind would pick them up (the tents).  BUT at least it wasn't raining, right?  We had a real nice crowd and hear that there were some sales made.  

All in all a nice time was had by all.

I met Dalon while painting on my corner.  He is a very gifted young man.  
During the Reality Art Walk there was an artist & a entertainer posted at each site.  Dalon was our entertainer.  Boy, could he dance. 

At about 2pm, my body said it was time to take a rest or else. So, I packed up & came home for a much needed nap.

Then at 5pm it was time to get in the van 
and head on over to my next photo shoot.

I headed out to Steve Auth's place for a "Cowboy Get Together".  

I love these guys.  They dress up in old time cowboy wear and camp out for a few days.  Steve has a beautiful piece of property that is a ranch & a bed & breakfast.  I didn't expect to see my dad out there, but he surprised me.  

Don't you just love Steve's hat?  It has a story to tell, that's for sure.

Check out this little cabin on Steve's place.  You can rent this!  It is so cute.

So, after I hung out and took pictures of the guys, I stepped out back to see my friends with fur.

Baby Annie has grown.  She is such a sweet heart.  
I can not get over how delicate she is.

While I was standing out with the donkeys, I heard this snorting noise...I turned around and this is what I saw.  Aren't they the bomb?  My dad and I talked about how fat & shiny they were.  They are very well taken care of.  My dad used one of his Joe Scott-isms "They are as slick & fat as moles".  

Pretty big moles....
Tomorrow's docket:
        Dog Shoot
        Wall painting at the Show home
        Then...another nap?  Who knows.    


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