Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Painting until my fingers bleed....uh, yeah...

It's an easel day.
To me, that means that I am going to spend 
the majority of the day at the easel.
Here is what I started yesterday evening:

It's a giraffe, but you can't really tell, yet.
This was in the late afternoon, yesterday.

Here we are at bedtime.  Kind of interesting, huh?

So, I need to work on the giraffe today and
set up a new painting to finish out my
African Series.
Maybe a lion cub?

Thanks to my good friend Madeline Hoffman, I am hooked on these 12 X 12 museum canvases.  I really like to use them.
She has also gifted me with this great container with a lid that keeps my paint from drying up.
Have I mentioned that she is also very gifted?  Go to Artworks Gallery to check out her work.

One of Madeline's pieces.  Watercolor.

Another good friend of mine (Beth, of Granny Bees) is on the 
"Sherry, why don't you give painting lessons" bandwagon.
I am thinking about it.
She has some ideas about how I should go about setting it up.
If you have an interest in taking lessons, let me know.
I think it might be fun.


Well, I had better get to "work".
Can we really call it work?
Air conditioning, TV and a tall glass of tea...
now, if I can only make an income at it...

See you later on today.
Have a good one, ok?


2:30 in the afternoon.....

Pool time.  

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