Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am so old that I named today's blog the same as yesterday's...I am officially very old...

Hey, we must be in Indiana....
Yup, we are definitely in Indiana.

Good morning.
I am hanging out in the Zionsville store this morning.  
It was a beautiful drive down.
I passed a few thousands barns on the way, 
so that took up some of my driving time.  
But, it was definitely a pretty drive. 

So, I brought things to do while I am here.  I have my camera, laptop, book & paintings to work on.  Of course I have my extra large diet coke, too.   I feel really good today.  I am listening to the Beatles. Yup, it's a good day.


My mom & dad stopped by on their way to Tandys to buy leather.  My dad, in his retirement, is now a leather worker.  He does a pretty nice little business.  He makes chaps and gun holsters and knife sheaves.  He and I work cowboy shows together.

The West family & David Reily also stopped by for a visit.  Michael had a doctor's apt in Indy this morning.  They were a pretty stealthy group.  I was sitting here at the computer...and when I looked up there was a room full of Wests.   I wonder if they have worked on that technique?  I would have taken a picture of them...but they were gone just as fast.  

I am going to eat my lunch and get to work painting.  I'll get back to you here in a little bit.  See ya.

Katherine Meade's work
Info on Steve's class
A few of the people that are in the Zionsville Gallery with me 
came in just a little while ago.  
Katherine came in to reset the front window display.  It was nice to get to chat with her and get to know her.  She used to live in Madison, Wisconsin so we had lots to talk about.  
After about a half of an hour after she came in Steve Miller (woodworker extraordinaire) came by to pick up a shelf for his class tonight.  He is a man of few words.  He asked me this:  If a man speaks and a woman isn't there to hear what he said...does anyone care? 
Funny stuff...
I have a few hours left here at the Zionsville Gallery.  I am talking to customers and painting on my tiger cub.

Johnna's prom photos were delivered on my way home & 
I have made some progress on the tiger cub.  
Although, he is not looking so much like a cub right now.
Yeah, the chin bothers me, too.  
I'll work on it.

These are a few photos from Johnna's prom package:

She wore her cowboy boots under this really pretty two tone pink dress.

She and her little brother Matt 
before she left for the dance.

I think I have had enough adventures for one day.
See ya,
Goodnight to all.


  1. How did you get those cows to fan out like that ? Did Al write them a chart or something ? (PS: I originally heard that saying about the man speaking finish with "Is he still wrong ?" LOL

  2. It is so nice to have someone say something on here. I was wondering why I had a wall of silence...hopefully everybody will start talking to me now.
    You've heard of bee charmers? I am a cow charmer...and I am udderly amazing....

    I think that saying about the man speaking is funnier with your ending.