Monday, June 25, 2012

We lasted until 10:30.....

We had SUCH A WEEKEND here in Tembyville.

My extremely handsome husband


It took me an entire day to "bounce back" from the Welcome Back, Mark party.

Was it the adult beverages?
Could be.

All in all, we had a great time.
Good food, conversation & a beautiful summer evening.
It was glorious.
Mark holding court flanked by Kay & Abbie.  That's Amber Smith in the background.

Abbie made it into this pic, too.  Ronnie enjoyed herself, I think.

Anna, beautiful as usual.

Dave, Anna's husband.  He looks too comfortable.

It was great seeing Sue.

Mark filling up his plate.

Ronnie's son (Justin) & his family came and swam.  Look at this beautiful little face.  His girls thought it was really funny that I had changed their daddy's diapers.  
We really had a nice time catching up and laughing.  
I wish that all of our classmates could have been here.  
We all need to get together, just to visit.
Life is short, you know.

OK, on to other things.
The Marilyn Monroe painting was delivered to Kay, 
so now I get to set up another painting today.
(I'm a poet & don't know it)
The next painting that is commissioned is of Carol Lombard.
Notice?   NO HANDS!

On Sunday, I got up and felt pretty....not good.
I cleaned up the party site and watched "Pride & Prejudice".
A little after noon Al & I traveled over to
Grandpa & Grandma Campbells for Asher's birthday party.
We had a lovely time.  Asher enjoyed himself.
Here are some photos from that event:
Great Grandpa Campbell & some of his g-grand-kids

Bob & Read


Father & son

Al, Bobbie & Wayne.  That's Megan in the front.

Read & Megan

cake up the nose

Handsome boy

Asher with Grandpa & Bobbie

Washing off cake
Wasn't that fun?  
I am so fortunate to have such a family.  

Well, I better get to work.
Have a good day everybody.

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