Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grandma..I'm hungry

Today is the day that Grandma watches her Grandbabies.
I sounds so sweet doesn't it?

Honest to GOD, I don't know how my daughter & son in law do this.

I obviously was much, much younger when I had children to take care of.

Breakfast this morning was cereal & toast for Leia.  
Asher ate fistfuls of toast chunks and "rained" his milk on the floor.  
He was grinning ear to ear with crumbies stuck all over his little head.  
When Asher is happy he just radiates unmitigated joy.   
As always, I brushed Leia's hair at the table, 
because that is the only place I can keep her pinned down to get it done.

We have spent the morning in the living room.  
I think of it at a giant playpen for our Asher.
They certainly have had fun.  
These were in my front flower bed.
I am working on a new project here with the kids in the living room.  
I am designing cards for a lady that I met yesterday in the Gallery.  She would like to have cards with scripture in them to send out to the folks in her church.  I told her that I have an entire catalog of cards.  
AND that I could make some cards up just for her purpose.  

You tell me what you want on your thank you note size card & I go take pictures of it and make them into printed cards. 

Catalog - facebook
Click on the above,  
and you can view individual pages from last years catalog.
(By the way I had Read do the linky thingy.  
There is no way that I could do that.)

Evening has come.  
The kids have gone home.  
I am working on cleaning old photos to use for cards.  
Here are a few:
Aren't they beautiful?

Pink Tulips

Seiberling Mansion - early spring

Grace Methodist Church

I am currently cleaning the photos I took at the 
Flower & Patio Show, this last spring.  

What I plan on doing is cleaning several hundred photos and then adding text to them (or not) later.  

I plan on adding them to the card catalog that I already have.  

I've been at this for several hours & I am just plain tired. 
This Grandma gig can take it out of you. 
I think it's time to call it a night, folks.
See you tomorrow. 

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