Monday, June 18, 2012

Wally Cat the Annihilator

It has been a busy, busy artist type day.
Balloons on the dining table

Some of the grand-baby toys from the toy box 
I have spent the day working on the card designs for my one of my clients, to be delivered for tomorrow.  
I really liked the way that the sun was shining through the dining room window, so that is where I shot these photos.  

Wally stood there and watched me tape balloons together.  
I had no idea that he was plotting....  
Shot post being Wally-fied
Wally annihilated my set up when I left the room to check the shot on my computer.  How does he do this stuff so fast?

I finished cleaning Buster & Sable's pictures for delivery to Fred tomorrow.
Sable & Buster hanging out

To finish out the day I painted the name on the Marilyn Monroe painting.

So, to sum up...
a bunch of ends to tie up....
done & done.

Come on over & see me at Artworks Gallery tomorrow.  
I'm there from 10 until 2.

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