Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting "Party Ready"

I have spent the last few days getting "Party Ready".
Boy, has THAT changed since we were teenagers/young adults.

Getting party ready now means making sure the house is presentable. 
We have to check & make sure we have adequate amounts of
toilet paper.  

And enough places to sit and be comfortable when we talk. 
That's it.  
We are set to go.  

So very many years ago I remember that we had a party at 
Sharon's house up in Goshen, Indiana.  
Getting "Party Ready" meant so much more.  
First of all the keg had to be bought and transported.  The car that we hauled it in was so small we nearly turned over in the curve that led to her house.

Next we had to make sure that the NEW TRASH CAN was clean & ready.
It was put by the front door so that you could pour in your beverage of choice as you walked in.  We were so cool.


Sharon's parents were gone for the week.  
Did they have a clue?  Well...what do you think?

Sharon's parents had traveled quite a bit & they had really nice furniture, 
so Sharon & I spent two hours covering all the tables with tin foil.  

What were we thinking?  
Looking back at this as an "adult" I just shake my head.

Pizza bought, ice made, in-house band set up in the basement.
Could I hear the next day?
Do I remember much that happened that night?  
No, I don't.
Maybe that is a good thing.  

So tonight, as an adult, I am "party ready".  
I hope I remember this one.  
Given my age, it may not be that easy.  

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