Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Living in Indiana

It's another beautiful morning here in Indiana.  

I am getting ready to go to the gallery to work for a few hours.  
I have a few things to work on & I always have a nice time there. 

We had a display over the weekend of miniatures.  
Here are pictures of a few of them:

Pretty cool, huh?  
They are still on display.  Come on over and see them.

I'll be back in a little bit.
See ya!



OK, I am back.  I had a really nice time working at the Gallery today.  I had several folks through the Gallery during my shift.  
I worked on the piggy paddle for the upcoming charity event.  I felt like it needed some grass and dandelions and then it called for bumble bees and a hive.  Sometimes I just don't know what it's gonna be until I start painting.   Sometimes, it turns out.  
Sometimes, it turns into a mess.

Al came to the Gallery and took me to the Jamie's Soda Fountain for some lunch.  He's a pretty good guy.  
I like him.
Then I came home and waited for the grand-babies to arrive.  

We needed some table time after they arrived, so we sat down in the dining room and had a snack.  My three year old had Hoot'n Honey and the almost one year old had strawberry apple flavored Little Puffs.  For you Grandmas that don't know about these puffs....they are the bomb.  
When my kids were little I gave them Teddy Grahams.  As I remember, they got three of four out of the box and mommy ate the rest.  These puffs are easy for the child to maneuver into their mouths and grandma doesn't crave them like she did Teddy Grahams.  So, everybody wins.   
After table time, Asher laid down with a bottle and L. & I colored with crayons.  
Being a Grandma is pretty darn good.

I can hear you asking, "But Sherry, aren't you going to get any more work done today?"  Yes, I am, but I have learned (or am learning) to stop and enjoy the grand-kids while I have them.  They won't be this size forever.  
I'll work after they go home for the day.    
I'll see you back later today.

Al & I had a wonderful dinner this evening!  
We had corn on the cob & pork cutlets cooked on the grill. 
We ate it with Smart Balance margarine-y spread 
(that takes away some of the badness of eating corn...right?).
Sable posing for me.
After dinner we got to work.  
Al is at his computer working and I am at mine. 
Here we sit, in the same room, just tapping away.
I have just decided that I have cleaned enough Pebe Jebe photos 
for one evening.

Tomorrow I am traveling to Zionsville to put in my hours in the 
located at 211 S. Main, Zionsville.
Stop by and see me if you are in the area.  

I'll be stopping off in Russiaville along the way to deliver Johnna's prom pics.

See ya tomorrow.

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