Thursday, May 31, 2012

Somebody get Gizmo some coffee....stat!

We are all just a little sleepy this morning.  After a late night trying to reach a deadline, it takes just a little more coffee to get in gear (Gizmo takes his coffee with creamer, thank you).  
I got up about 8am and finished "lining" the bench back and cleaned up some lettering issues.  The front of the bench just needs the clear coat and we are good to go.  The finished product is SO MUCH better than it was last night.  

I have lots of things to do today.  I am getting ready to go to the "Save the Date" shoot, then the grand babies are coming for a visit with their momma & I have that darned doctor's apt.  

I'll be back and tell you all about it later...tater. 

Home again, home again...jiggity jig...

This is DEAN.  He is the cat 
that lives with Candy & Brad.  
He rules the roost, for sure.
The SAVE THE DATE shoot went very well.  I will be "cleaning" photos tonight and tomorrow.  We had good weather.  It was cool & sunny.  I couldn't have asked for any better weather.  I met a lovely little girl while shooting this morning.  Such a sweet baby.  She was SO concerned about bees.  We survived without being stung.
Artsy hot dog
I could not resist posting this photo.  
My kids & grand kids had an impromptu lunch at my house today.  Mary wanted to show me he perfectly dressed hot dog with the design on top.  
She is my child, after all.  
Have I mentioned how much I love my kids?  :)

So....what does tomorrow bring?  I need to clean pictures, add a few little details on on my pig paddle & get ready for the ARTISAN EXPERIENCE on Saturday.  I am posting the article out of the newspaper.  It gives all the details about what to expect from that event.  Don't forget about Western Days out on Russiaville this weekend too.   

I am going to go clean photos now.  
See you in the morning.  
Good night to all.


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