Friday, May 25, 2012

It's hard to type & hold a Popsicle

Annabelle - to hot to function
It has been one hot day here at Sherrill Studios/Temby mansion.  The air conditioning "died" sometime yesterday.  As we suffer through this day, I can't help but think of my ancestors.  How did they do this?  We are expecting the A/C guy tomorrow, so I doubt any of us die from this.  We are all drinking a lot & I put ice in the cats' water dish.  

I am sure you all are tired of hearing about the park bench, and believe me I am tired of talking about it, but I clear coated it today.  Finished, finished....finished.

So, I have been making trips out into the yard to work on the bench and then coming in to paint at the easel.  It has been a long, but productive day. 

Oil 12 X 12
Lilly the basset hound

Like I said yesterday, I need a painting to hang at the Zionsville Art In Hand Gallery for Monday.  I laid a painting out last night and I have been working on it this afternoon.  It is going really quickly.  I could have it done today, but we have company coming for dinner, so I'll hold off finishing it until tomorrow.  
This is a painting of Lilly.  She is owned by Fred Barber and lives here in Kokomo.  I do photo sessions with Fred's dogs through out the year.  I thought she would make good subject matter.  

Marilyn Monroe is still in the wings.  I will be working on her tomorrow also.  

Well, my company should be on their way.  I had better get the grill started and make lots to drink.  Wish us luck.  Do you think we could serve Popsicles for desert?  

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