Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No rest for the wicked?

Working, working....working.   Lots of stuff on my plate to finish up for the next few weeks.  Now that I'm done working for the day at Artworks Gallery, I've started working on the bench for the Project Park Bench.  I am changing the design for the back of the bench and I have to paint the seat and add the lettering....whew...no rest for the wicked... huh?

  I've got a paddle due in the next few weeks for a charity event that is coming up soon at the Markland Mall.  The event is centered around change in the community.  I didn't know what to paint on my paddle (like a canoe paddle), but I finally just decided to paint something I love.  So....a piglet fit the bill.  Isn't he cute?  He will be at the mall in a few weeks and you can vote for him. 
I hope you vote for him.  It's all for a good cause.  


  1. I'm excited,, ,this is the first time I'm following a blog ! PS: Love the piggy. only thing missing is some lettuce & tomato.

    1. Shame on you, Mr. Roberts. What has this piggy ever done to you?

  2. I LOVE it!! You do animals so well!

  3. I know that we had been given a theme to follow....but this is what "popped" out of my hands...so I hope somebody wants to buy a piggy paddle. :)
    BTW, Karen is also a very talented painter. Come on over and see us at ART WORKS GALLERY, 210 N. Main, Kokomo, IN.