Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today, I wear my photographer hat...

                                Well, Tuesday is here.  

Has anyone else noticed that time seems to be slipping by faster and faster?  

Today I am working at the ARTWORKS Gallery at 210 N. Main, Kokomo.  I'm here until 2pm.  We have many great artists here.  You should stop by sometime.  

We are getting ready for this weekend's big event, the ARTISAN EXPERIENCE including ART ON MAIN.  I hope the weather holds so that it can be a great (dry) community event.

I am doing some photography work while I am in the gallery, today.  Although Molly Martin is two yrs old, I am getting her baby shower pics ready for her parents.   
I like to put an artistic slant on my photo work.  Sometimes, it's just too much fun messing with Photoshop.  
It's like potato chips, ya know?    
Ty & Ashley Martin - BM (before Molly)

This is Molly's Mom & Dad, Ty & Ashley Martin.  I took pictures at their wedding, too. 
 I wonder what is being said here...he looks like he is trying to explain something (baseball?), (nuclear physics?) and she certainly doesn't look mentally engaged.  I love them both.  AND Molly, don't forget Molly.

I delivered the bench to The Angie Meyers Studio, this morning.  They will be assembled and put on display this weekend during the Artisan Event.  I had a chance to look at everyone else's benches.  They really are pretty darn good.  I'll go over and takes pics of them tomorrow for you.

I have a Dr's apt. this pm, so I will be back & finish out the day with you later.  See ya.

Molly Jean  two years ago...

Here we are at the end of the day.  

I have finished "cleaning" all of the baby shower photos.  
I ended up with 62 finished pieces.  
I have had several people ask me what I mean by "cleaning photos".  What I mean is that I pull up each shot individually and assess it for it's composition and then I run it through a series of filters to bring out of that picture what I feel it needs.  It can be pretty time consuming, but I enjoy it a lot. 

Tomorrow, I have plans to deliver the shower picture disc.  
I have a few more little projects that I want to sew up.  

If you, or anyone that you know needs photo work done, please let me know.  I have an interesting slant to my work and I am pretty economical in comparison to my peers.  

Weddings      Reunions
Babies          Families 
Children        Events
Senior pics    Engagement 

So, some days 
I am an artist 
 some days 
I am a photographer.  
It all seems to balance out so far.     

I think I'll call it a day.  GOD bless you all.
Goodnight all.

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