Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creating a vision

This is the lettering for the theme of the bench.
I have my wonderful grandchildren this morning, so it has been a little more difficult to work my business while watching the little people today.  
While Asher took his morning nap, I was able to go outside with Leia and start the lettering process for the front of the bench.  To do this I first had to choose my letting from the computer, "explode" the lettering on the copier and transfer it to the bench.
We stayed outside through about half of the lettering and then came in to cool off.  She is at the age where she wants to play grocery store, so we both enjoyed our time out doors.  She & her brother went home about 1ish.

Grocery girl  after choc pudding 
This afternoon I look forward to meeting with Candy to scout out a site for she & Brad's "save the date" picture.  I am scheduled to shoot their December wedding.  When I come back this afternoon noon, I'll let you know how the scouting went.

Well, the afternoon has come & gone.  I enjoyed meeting with Candy & Brad and listening to their wonderful wedding plans.  She is one organized lady!  I need her as a business manager, for sure.  I also met their 11 year cat - Dean.  Wow, what a BIG kitty.  The visit was a nice respite from bench painting.      

Finally finished front of bench
After I came back home I chained myself back to the backyard table to finish the bench.  Four short(?) hours later and I am ready for the clear coat.  I have decided to let the paint layers dry all night before putting on the outer weather coat.  Let's face it...I am tired of looking at bench parts!    

Al relaxing near my work table.
 He had worked on his computer all day.

Here's my next project to finish.  
I need to get to work on it again so that I can deliver it at the end of next week.  

This is a commissioned  
16 X 20 oil painting that is in grey scale with red tinted lips.  
I need to complete this and start a new painting for the gallery in Zionsville, because I sold a painting and there is a blank space on the wall.  

            That, my friends,is what we artists call a HAPPY PROBLEM!

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