Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Day, New Projects to do.

New days bring new surprises, don't they?  

I started out this day with a loose idea of what I was going to do and now it has completely changed.  

I ran some errands this morning.  As my mother would say, I was "running my traps".  
I delivered the shower pictures on disc to Ashley Martin at the Kokomo Trib.  I always enjoy chatting with her.  She is a nut.

I stopped by Angie Meyers Design to take pictures of the benches for you guys to see.  She wasn't open yet.  I have talked her since & we have decided that I will wait for the reveal to show pictures of the benches. 

And then....I went to the grocery store, because the cats were starving.  When you wake up and they are all sitting on the bed staring at you, it's time to go buy cat food.

I saw this in the paper today.  I need to do this.

I am going to go eat some lunch & pick up an impromptu painting project and I'll be back to talk later.  


Oi Ve....
what a day this turned out to be.  
It's now after midnight & I am just sitting down to this. 

I have been painting since about 2pm & I am pooped, so I will make this short & sweet.  I was helping out on the paint job of another bench this afternoon, man, are they labor intensive.  I had good company while I worked, though.   

I am so wore out.  

Tomorrow I have a "save the date" photo shoot & another Dr.'s apt.  

I think I might sleep in. 
Good night (now morning).


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