Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer is here. Is it bad to keep ice in your underwear?

The calendar may still say it is Spring, but here in Indiana it is SUMMER.  

At the Temby household it is the epicenter of summer.  Only two more days until A/C.  

Church was very uplifting, this morning.  I am so glad that I have a church family that cares about me & mine.

Well, the Basset painting is done and ready to hang, so I am sitting down to the Marilyn Monroe painting in the living room.  It seems to be cooler in at room  

I'll get back with you here in just a little bit, & let you know how it is going, ok?

OK, I'm back with an update. 

I added the texture to Marilyn's hair & worked on her chunky necklace.  Remember, the person who commissioned this painting asked that the piece be done in grey scale with red tinted lips.  It is a real challenge to work that scale and give the painting the depth that it needs.  It takes just reassessing what is in front of you again & again.  I have to keep thinking...just paint what you see, not what your brain says it needs to be.  
I have decided to take this painting to work on at the ART IN HAND Gallery tomorrow, as I am the person working the store.  Come on over and see me at 211 S. Main in Zionsville.  It really is a nice little town with good food and great galleries.  AND, I'd love some company & conversation.  It IS AIR CONDITIONED.

So, upcoming this week, I have several projects.  I need to deliver the bench to Angie Myers' studio.  I need to deliver the "piggy paddle" for the up coming charity event at the Markland Mall in June.  I work in Zionsville Monday & Artworks Gallery in Kokomo on Tuesday.  On Thursday I have Candy's "save the date" pics to take & "clean".
I also have Becca's senior pics to take & "clean".  I need to deliver Johnna's prom pictures & take Fred's dogs photos.  On Saturday we have the Artisan Experience in downtown Kokomo.  I will be painting on the street that day on an easel. 
AND THERE IS ALWAYS A POT LID TO PAINT. (Didn't forget you, Sandy) 

So...I have enough to keep me busy this week.   

Thank you all for reading this and caring about my business. 

See you tomorrow.


  1. You are a very talented and busy lady!I love your work.Just don't take on too much!Love ya girl.

    And I don't think it is bad,it sounds very comforting this time of year.I have never done it,but you can let me know how it works(the ice in the underwear thing) lol

  2. Thanks,Ronnie.
    I miss you. You would think that Russiaville is 100 miles away, as often as I get there. I miss your boys, too (Ronnie has the best grown up sons!).
    Regarding the ice in the underwear concept:
    1: People might wonder about the drippage from my rear-end.
    2: Cubes might be painful to sit on. Perhaps I should try crushed(that is what I prefer in my diet cokes).

    What are your feelings on this subject?