Saturday, May 26, 2012

Air Conditioner DOA - moistness continues

Poor Annabelle.  She & Al are living in front of the fan today  
I have been busy doing non-work related stuff this morning.  
Right off the bat this morning we found out from the A/C guy that we have a broken unit.  So the A/C has to be replaced, but they can't do it until Tuesday.  That news did not make for happy people in this house.  No, not at all. 

Then, I dropped off some bench parts downtown and checked out the farmer's market.  After that I went to a viewing at Grace Methodist church.  After dropping by Krogers (along with everyone else in Kokomo), I came on home. sum up...
                             NO PAINTING HAS HAPPENED YET TODAY.

And the grandchildren are coming at two pm to swim.  I am sure that after they leave I can get to work.  NO, I WILL get to work.  
I'll get back to you this evening...stay tuned... :)      

12 X 12  oil of Basset  $250
Well it's 10:30 and I am getting ready to end this warm, moist day.  I ended up moving to the living room to finish this painting because it was slightly cooler there (two fans..count em' two!).  It seems like Annabelle is in every picture I take lately, so here she is again, lined up with the breeze from the fan.

Basset hound painting is done, but for just a few little details on the paws after the paint sets a little more.  Now it has a WHOLE DAY to dry before I need to hang it in Art In Hand Gallery in Zionsville.  

I think I'll eat a popsicle and call it a day.

Tomorrow....Marilyn Monroe 


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