Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Growing up

It has been a rough summer for me.
I know that I have it a lot better than a lot of people, 
but I can honestly say that the last 3 months have been a struggle.

To the folks who read my blogs everyday or every other day, 
I apologize for letting you down. 
if I have offended anyone with my writing, I am sorry.
I try to write what is on my heart.  I do not intend to use this blog as a weapon of any kind.

A lot of things have happened this summer.

Bill & Gladys Flynn
I watched my best friend in the whole world walk through the experience of her father having cancer and then passing away.  

Betty Smith and some of her grandchildren
I also watched the Scott Smith family struggle with the death of his mother, Betty Smith.  
After multiple trips to different doctors, 
my concerns about my husband's health have finally quieted.
Thank you GOD.

My 72 year old father fell & broke several ribs this summer.  I was terrified that I too would loose my parent.  I am just not ready for that.  I know, we are never ready for that.  Here I am at 51, just not ready to grow up.  Those people who are constants in my life, how would I live without them?  How could I be me...without them to make me who I am?

Through all of this, my ability to create has "taken a hit".  A conversation with an acquaintance yesterday helped me to think that through.  He said that I need to paint in the bad times too, that it would be a release of my feelings.  He challenged me to let that work be what it was, to let those feelings out.  

There have been good things happen this summer, too.  
I had a wonderful visit with my niece Brittni.  She & Mary have been like sisters from the very beginning.  
My favorite three year old eating ice cream with Brittni & her son Dorian. 

I enjoyed my visits with Brandon & his son this summer.

Brandon & Kaiden
Mark Roberts came home from Florida for a visit. I love him like a brother. 
Here is the gang.  Mark is second row down third from the left.  I am in the fifth row down third spot in (with the crazy permed hair and the clown bow) (obviously my mother hated me :) from the left.  Annie & Ronnie are here too, so is Danny.  Given enough time I am sure that I could name most of them.

It was so nice to see him.  

I got to spend time with my folks at the Winding Creek Blue Grass Festival.     

Thank you for listening to me ramble today.  
I will be writing with more regularity from now on.  

I have to go, now.  
Al has a list of things for me to accomplish today and I need to get on it.

Work, work, work. 

Growing up is hard.
Growing old is harder.

Bill & Betty, I will miss you.  
We all will.   


  1. I can not agree with you more. Growing up for me was hard. my brothers and sister and i had a hard life. Even though i did learn a lot and grow up with a good point in my life, i think. I am 52 and i learn new things each day. and i try to store it in my head. and think god for what i have and .wonder what is next on his list for me, there is one thing i have learned and that is to take one day at a time. I to have lost a lot of good friends and my 2 step,fathers and a lot of my younger friends also. i Afton wonder why them, but remember what grandmother told me . and it help ease the pain some. i will never stop missing them. and i wonder what we would be doing now. and where are life wound be.

    1. My grandmother Scott always said to me that her body was old, but her thoughts were still eighteen years old. I understand that now.
      I have had many experiences in my life that have made me grow,some were painful,some not. We have to be thankful for every day, bring what it may. And trust in GOD.

  2. Mom, you are a beautiful soul and I hope that you don't let people get you down. The people out there trying to gain your trust while hiding malicious intent are truly rotten inside. I sometimes wonder what happens to people to make them that way. You keep on doing what makes you happy and fullfills your soul. Don't let rotten people take away your freedom to live a happy life. In the end those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.
    P.S.- I hope one day the plethora of PHONIES out trying to bring you down get just exactly what Karma has in mind for them.

    1. I love you honey. You are one of my blessings. I couldn't ask for a better daughter.
      I'm just a painter. That is what makes my heart happy...that and my family.

  3. Sherry,I have lost so many people in my life....a lot of family members,and it never gets easy.I have lost 2 fathers,my mother,and Betty(other mom),grandparents,aunts and uncles,cousins and a few friends.It is never easy.....I take solace in knowing they are all in a much better place than I am.I will see them again someday.I say I love you all the time to my mom,and I believe she hears me.Everything happens for a reason,and I feel that God needs their help right now,they have done all they can do here on earth.
    Great pics too!

    1. OK, Ronnie.
      Now you have made me cry.
      Thank you.
      Maybe I needed that release.

      Let's go visit them when we pass.
      I'll drive and you can hold the map.
      Love ya

    2. I plan on seeing you there and all the others too!They are all ion a better place than we are!When God is ready,I am ready!
      Talk to them all Sherry,I'm sure they listen!

      Love you too.

  4. Mrs. Sherry ; Yeah , this year has been one for the ages , alright . I like LaRhondas words , too , in that , we all walk this earth ... as i was reading , i was lookin at yer pitchers , too. You My Dear Friend , have a very large treasure within this small album ... please dont fergit to count and bless God for two parents ... that one of your father is priceless ! =D <3

  5. Thank you.
    I feel like I have had a large weight lifted today.
    I am so fortunate to have my parents. I know that. I hope that I can have the courage that I have seen in my friends when I have to deal with this situation in my own family.
    I will cherish the time that I have with the people that I have.