Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling like a chicken on a rope

This was a "first" for me.  I had never seen a chicken on a rope.

It was such a good weekend
that it took me until Monday night 
to write about it.

It was great.  

Al & I traveled on out to
Kokomo High School 
for the band competition Saturday morning.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy marching band.

Now remember, that is said by a women who doesn't 
have to stand out in the sun and learn footwork and music.
No, just a woman who got to work behind the scenes.

I miss it


This is Eastern High School from Greentown, Indiana.
We sat down in the stands and watched Eastern, 
Twin lakes,
and a few others.  
We had a great time 
(me more than Al, for him it's just work).

Twin Lakes High School
Here is the silly thing.
I took pictures of other bands, fully well expecting to take
photos of Western ( MY SCHOOL).  They took the field and I was so 
excited that I completely forgot about my camera.  
So, no you don't get to see Western.
But let me to you...
I am so proud of them.


we drove out to the Kokomah Reenactment 
out west of New London, Indiana.
 I like to go out each year and take photos for future
projects.  You can definitely see things that you
wouldn't see in everyday American life.
This was the first pic that I took at the encampment.
I thought that this first picture was going to be a nice pic.  
After I came home and looked through them I found the problem.  
Unless I crop it really tight, I am going to have a zip lock baggy 
with what looks to be Doritos in it.

They are so careful to dress appropriate to the period.
There was a battle going on when we arrived.  
Pretty noisy and a little smoky.    

Again, these are things you just don't see everyday.

It may be small, but believe me, that cannon is LOUD.

I love this shot.  The sun coming down through the trees.
There are warriors in the back ground.

I have taken photos of this man for several years.  He is so striking.

As I said before, they dress true to the period.
I just love butt flaps...don't you?

It is amazing how many different tribes are represented.

The battle is over.

Post skirmish we get to see Tracy Oberholtzer.  Doesn't he look wonderful?

And here we are back to our chicken on a rope.  At first, I thought this was so cute.  Then the realization hit that this poor little fowl was dinner for the folks at this camp site.
It really kind of made me sick to my stomach.  I think the chicken knew why she was there, too.  Each time I took her picture she would turn her head away.
Yeah, I know...I eat meat.  
This just really bothered me.  
I don't want to know my meat.  

Sometimes, I feel like this chicken.  
Unable to get away from things in my life that I don't want to face.  
Tied to those things that I want to run from. 
I guess we all feel that way at some point or another in our lives.   

For a country girl, I am pretty spoiled, aren't I? 

Thank GOD people don't eat horses...

The economy is pretty ugly, you know.

You would have to have a really, really big crock pot.

I am a horrible person.

Chickens in a basket.  Lord, I hope they were just for pretty.  

These are Shetland sheep.  They were really pretty.
They were from the area & belong to some girls that were there spinning wool.

Time to leave.

One last look at the shops.
So, we needed a nap after that.
Wouldn't you?

On Sunday

Al fought with Benny cat for his cereal.

I worked on a new painting.  I am in the very early stages of this one.  I think I am going to have him nosing his way out of an apple tree.  We'll see.

my favorite little man came over to visit.

It was a good weekend.
See you tomorrow.
Nighty night


  1. Sherry,I have only been there once.I loved it,but that was a David time,and we really enjoyed it.The painting looks great.....keep us posted on how it is coming along!Love ya dear.

  2. Ronnie, thank you.
    What would I do without you? Yes, I will keep you up to date on the painting. See you soon.

  3. Sherry,
    The owners from Apple Tree Reality were in on Saturday night and asked if anyone had "Green" Apple Paintings and said call her when you do she will buy them...

  4. Hey Beth,
    Thank you for letting me know that. I would love to work with them!

  5. I am extremely disappointed... I came to see BUTT FLAPS!!!!! LOL