Friday, September 14, 2012

Mommy stuff

Good morning!

I hope all is well in your world.
As I sit here in my quiet house, it allows my mind to wonder.
Aren't we lucky?  We have families and friends.
We have warm (or cool) homes and food to eat.
Life continues on.  

It is quiet here.  
I have a wonderful window to look out of 
with a view of the rain 
as it gently falls.  
I am so blessed.

I attended the meeting for the Art Works Co-op Gallery last night.  
We have so many things coming up for the community. 
Keep an eye out here to see what we have coming up. 
It is an exciting time to be in this co-op.  
So many possibilities!  
I am setting up scheduling for classes.  
If you are in the Kokomo, IN area 
would like painting lessons, 
let me know. 
you can contact the gallery at

As I said yesterday, I am needing 
to get my business feet back under me, 
so I am working on advertising 
and posting pictures of inventory 
that I have on hand.  
This is a hard thing for me, because I am an artist
not an especially business minded person. 

(I am a Pinterest junkie.  
If you see my stuff on there, would you re-pin for me?  
I would love to use this medium to spread word of my work.)

If you haven't heard ...
artists tend to be rather odd.

Yup.  That sums me up.

           Hey, mommy.  Who's that?         16 X 20   
And this is an adventure.  
I just love mules.  This painting is called Apple Chunks.
 As with most of my work, it can be on note cards also. 
I had expected that I was going to set up a new painting this morning.  

That did not happen.  

I had a call and it was off to the hospital to check on a situation.  
While I was there, I looked in on my friend Michael. 
He is improving.  He may get to come home.
I drove home and made some lunch, 
did some dishes 
cleaned out the van.
You know, mommy stuff.

So, here it is, almost 4pm and I have not started a painting yet.

Am I putting it off?


BUT...I did find the battery charger for the camera in the van.
It's been missing for a couple of days.
(not unlike Benny Cat)

Cows are wonderful creatures.
Passive, giving AND they give us milk.  
This is a 16 X 12 oil that can also be obtained on note cards. 
am I putting painting off, 
you might ask?

Fear of the unknown?

Once I get started, I am ok, it "flows".

I think it really be a fear of whether "I still have it"
or if the gift has flown away in the night.

Lack of confidence?

Or maybe....I am just an artist.
                                  An odd one....
                                               On an adventure....

See you tomorrow


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