Monday, September 24, 2012

$3.57 for a bag of apples...

Good morning everybody!
It is another wonderful fun filled day in central Indiana.

We woke up to temps somewhere in the 30s.  
I got up and turned on the heat before my cup of coffee.
Every morning I feed the cats,
get a cup of coffee
read the newspaper.
This is so much easier than when my kids were little,
although I would not give up a minute of that craziness.

Here's a business update:

The photography end of Sherrill Studios is just smoking right along.

I was sad when Kelly's jump was postponed 
due to weather conditions on Saturday.  
That shoot will be rescheduled in the Spring. 
 I look forward to it
  (because I don't have to be in the plane).


On Saturday morning I did get to go through with the shoot for
Chris & Lisa Dzierla.  
Highland Park made a nice setting for these photos.

Baby William was born on Monday morning.  He & mommy are fine.
I will be "delivering" these pictures later this week.
Hey, I just got that.
I made a joke.

On Sunday afternoon I met up with Fred B. to take Sally's photos.  
We met at the Artworks Gallery and 
found a nice 
sunny window to shoot against.


Sally was excited to be there.  
It took a little coaxing, but we (Fred) got her to calm down.
It really surprised me that her hair was so wiry & rough.  
She is nine years old and her breed is 
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.
I know I have said this a few times before
but just imagine a sheepdog cut off at the knees. 
She is by no means a small dog, just a short (in height), hefty dog.

The shot went well.
I Should be able to deliver this package next week.  

So next on the docket, 
I have a second set of Senior Pictures for Johnna 
on Wednesday.

Johnna and her sweetheart Eric
Johnna is my niece (Matt's daughter).  
Because she is my brother's daughter she gets several 
different shoots over the course of her senior year.  
It is a joy to work with such outgoing & lovely girl. 


During all this picture taking, 
I am still working on my newest donkey painting.

As of this morning...
Leia came into the room yesterday 
and I kid you not, 
"Grandma, it's a donkey...and some lovely vegetables..."

If a three year old thinks they are tomatoes, then I am in trouble.

So, I bought a bag of apples this morning.  
Al asked me if we needed apples.
You should have seen his face when I told him 
that they were for me to paint from.

$3.57 a I could get the shape right.
You will find that added into the cost of the painting.
example: @250. + 3.57 = $253.57
Did you see that?  
I did math and there was no blood shed... Hallelujah!

We will talk about me filling out 
applications for a 
part time job 
having to do story problems 


Of course we can't forget that I have a wedding to shoot in December.
Candy & Brad are getting married December 16th.
Don't they make a handsome couple?

Mary and I worked on a Pinterest project yesterday afternoon.  
We have the faces painted on about 10 of these jugs.  
I need to go out into the garage and "scare" up some while Christmas lights.  We have to cut holes in the back of the jugs 
and run Christmas light bundles into them.  
I am starting to like recycling.

Well, I had better get to work. 
Keep good thoughts, everyone.
enjoy this beautiful day.
See you soon.


  1. Thanks Sherry! We are so blessed to have you as our photographer!

    1. No,Candy. You kids are a blessing for me. Thank you for inviting me to take photos of such a life changing, happy occasion.

  2. The donkey is beautiful!I love it.You always do such great work.Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Ronnie. It's nice to know that you are there reading these. Sometimes I wonder if what I post just goes out into this big black hole, ya know? The older I get the more I realize that your girlfriends are who are really important in your life.

  3. You are so right......I don't have a boyfriend or a husband.... only a couple of girlfriends(you being one)so I know what you mean!Love you.