Friday, September 28, 2012

Why me, AARP?

Hello and a happy Friday to you.
I hope that this glorious day is treating you well.

Did you see what arrived in my mail today?
When did I get old?

How did this happen? 

Who decides that at 51 years & 120-ish days that I need this?


why doesn't this person 
know my current last name?


why do I not remember "joining" in 2008?


I know I don't remember diddly squat, 
but I would have remembered this.

Moving on....

I would like to wish my children's daddy 
(and my grandchildren's grandpa)
Happy Birthday.

(Not my photo)

I wish you the best, Wayne
I hope you have a glorious birthday weekend.

Senior picture time is here.  
Johnna and I went out last night for a "road trip" picture taking session.  
We let her mom & Mindy tag along. 
We started out in Highland Park. 

It was a beautiful evening just full of possibilities.
I love the evening sun with the subtle pinks in the shot.

So I took a couple of hundred shots.
I thought I would show you just one or two.

Johnna is just so easy to work with.  
She always has a ready smile & her attitude is wonderfully upbeat.

Even if she doesn't completely agree with what I ask of her, 
she carries out the pose.  It is nice to work with a cheerful teenager.

This is a pocket with Eric's last name on it in tribute
for his service to his country.
Johnna is living through her senior year.  
She is dating Eric, who is away at boot camp right now.
She misses him keenly.  But she continues on with her life 
knowing that she will see him in a few weeks.  
I am very proud of her.

After Highland Park, we all loaded up in the van and drove to our next shots.  
We had some dangerous moments (like the bridge with all the traffic)
BUT we survived.  

We drove out to the Greentown area 
and took some shots in the pumpkin field.

I fell off of a pumpkin that I tried to perch on
and landed on my butt in the mud.

All in all I took about 200 photos that I will 
used in the "cleaning" process for this portion of her package.

We used a few places that I like to keep "guarded",
so I am not going to give up my secret places here.

We ended our session at the railroad tracks in Greentown.

The sun was going down and we were fighting 
the time limit trying 
to get in all the pictures in that we wanted.

I came home and wanted to fall over, but no time for that.  
I have several packages of pictures 
that need to be cleaned in front of this package.

I am still working on Sally's pictures. 
Here is one that I have been playing with:
Kind of interesting, huh?
I ran it through several filters and it looks like a painting.
I need to get Fred's (Sally) photos done for next week, 
so I will keep plugging away at that.

We have a full weekend ahead.  
Al is going to be judging a parade on Sunday. 
I can't wait because it is a corn festival 
and that sounds right up my alley.

I wonder if I will be lucky enough to see
a person dressed up as an ear of corn?
(This is NOT my photo)

I am taking my camera, so you will know by Monday.

Have a great weekend everybody.
See ya.

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  1. Wonderful Photo's as usual Sherry. Johnna's senior picture's(the ones you are sharing)look great!It is great you found such a positive happy person.I joined you group,but it won't put a picture of me there,but I am in.You were great to wish such nice things to "him".I got my AARP thing a few years ago.It has come with the last name Smith,Smith- Carroll,then to Carroll,then back to Smith.I haven't joined yet,kinda waiting go make sure they have it right! lol I am gonna join though,because you can save on insurance and other stuff too.Save where you can and when you can.Great blog Sherry,keep up the good work.P.S. are you going to Indy next week to see David?If you do,could I catch a ride,I hope to find his book and have it autographed...Don't have it yet,don't really know where to get it.Love ya dear