Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bow to the SOUP QUEEN

It's a "homey" kind of day around here.
After the prerequisite coffee & newspaper,
I puttered around doing house stuff.
I am so aware that there are a lot of women that do not have this luxury.
I have gotten up many a morning and faced the dreaded drive into work.  
But, today I am able to putter-er.

For a lot of years I had problems finding "joy" in cleaning house.  
Mom told me that housekeeping could be a hobby.
(I decided she was crazy)

on mornings like this,
dreary, overcast and raining
I find my self taking a lot of comfort in straightening my nest.
After accomplishing several loads of laundry, 
a sink of dishes and taking trash out,
I sit down to write my blog.  

While we wait for lunch to finish in the oven,
we are relaxing in the living room.
I have started the first fire of the fall 
and that just adds to the coziness of the day.
The rain beats on the roof while my
 husband & a pile o'cats take up the other end of the sofa.

Johnna & I had a set of senior pictures scheduled this afternoon
and sorry to say we are going to have to re-schedule. 
This weather may be good for ducks 
but not so good for outside pics.

Last evening I traveled out to Eastern High School
to watch Al work with the Band.

On the way out to the school Anna & I were talking on the phone.  
She and I talk "on the fly" quite a lot.
I flew past this wonderful scene and had to pull off the road to get it.

Man, isn't this wonderful?  Those "bales" are corn stalks.  
Because I live in town now, I don't get to see these sunsets very often.
Thankfully Anna was patient with me and let 
me take the shot in the middle of our conversation.

So, I drove on out to the High School and spent time 
watching the staff work with the band.  
It was around 7:30 in the evening and the sun 
was really pink/orange tinged.  It was beautiful.

 These kids worked hard.  
They are a fun loving group with decent skills.  
I feel like they would follow Joel to the ends of the earth. 
 Joel Matthews is the band director out at Eastern High School.  
I think of him as a good kid.  
Everybody else probably sees him as an adult, 
but he is just young to me.  
But, then again, everybody seems young to me at this point.

Last night Joel, Al & Max Johnson were working with the band.
It was a tiny bit chilly up on the tower.  
But, as all of you band people know...

It's gonna get a lot colder before we are done, right?
Mr. Temby doing his thing three stories up in the air.
Isn't he handsome?  I love him so.
 So, this afternoon I plan on cleaning dog photos for Mr. Barber. 
It's a good rainy afternoon project.
Sally & Fred having a snack.

We have had our lunch, which by the way was the bomb...

I will never buy soup in a can again.  
I have become the 

I made a big pot of homemade tomato soup last week 
and froze 2 person size containers of the leftovers.
I just pop the soup out of the container 
and put it in a Pyrex bowl and bake it for an hour.   

No, thank you.
I don't want to do it in the microwave.  
It was is Great Grandma Daisy's recipe.
It's good, cheap & without those scary chemicals.
I am not going to cook it with "gama rays".

So, what have we learned today?

1.   I am not the best house cleaner.  It is NOT my hobby.  But, I will do it when the mood strikes.

2.   I don't take pictures in the rain.  Does that make me a "fair weather" photo taker?

3.   I drive the back roads of Howard County looking for photo "opportunities" while talking on the phone and taking pictures.  Sometimes, I eat too.

4.     Band is one of my guilty pleasures.  It will be until the day I die.

5.    I don't understand how microwave ovens work or know what kind of "rays" they have.


6.  I am the soup queen.

Good day, my subjects.

....Keep Calm and Carry On....


  1. Sher,that is a very good pic of Al.Sounds like you had an awesome the housework outa the way first and on to bigger and better things.Did you call those rays from the mic grandma? lol.Could be,I can be dangerous too some times! lol.I would love to have your grandma's tomato soup recipe,I don't think I have ever had home made tomato soup(you know with condensed soups...any brand coming around).I love the photo.....Have a wonderful day(evening).Love you dear.

    1. Grandma Daisy's homemade tomato soup: Brown a little flour in butter w/finely chopped onion. Add tomato puree and or tomato juice with some milk to make it creamy. Season with pepper & salt and add a pinch of basil.
      This is the best stuff on earth. I think of my Great Grandmother making this in the 1910s and her mother...and her mother..
      It makes me feel good. It tastes good AND it has history. I get to "touch" those people who make
      Ya know?
      Take care, Ronnie.

    2. Thanks can I save a blog,so don't have to search to find it to get your reply.I hunted and hunted to find this.Don't forget,I am computer illiterate and not very bright either! lol

    3. Well if you have Google, I would suggest that you go to the blog page and then in your upper right corner you will find a star & a wrench. If you press the star you can save this page. The next time you want to go to that page you press the wrench in the upper right corner. You can save a lot of pages that way and not have to look them up each time.

      BTW: Read taught me that. He is my miracle worker. His title in my business is (unpaid) technical adviser.

  2. Love it! the photo is very cool! A fire already?? My daughter has had one too... Im still in the sweating mode... not cold enough for me! LOL and Soup... I made a pot of Potato soup this week with Green chilis to warm me up on the inside!!

    1. Karen, it was just the right day. With the rain beating down outside and the living room was dark. That fire make it so cozy. A couch full of cats & a husband.
      As I am apt to say..."it was the bomb".

      It seems like everyone has a different potato soup recipe. My mother boils potato chunks with cut up onions & celery. When they are all cooked through, she drains off half the water and adds that back in milk. Heat it back up and put in a stick of butter and a handful of noodles. How could you go wrong? A stick of butter & double the starch.
      I like Wayne's mom's recipe better. No celery or noodles and add thickener. Pretty much your spoon stands up in it, it is so thick.
      I have NEVER had it with green chilies in it. I tend to be creative, but I just don't think that I could go there.