Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friends don't let friends jump out of planes.

Good morning!
What a wonderful fall day we are having.
The air is crisp & clean
and the sky 
is a beautiful vibrant blue.

I have had a full last few days.  
I am getting ready for some photo shoots this weekend.

No, I am not jumping out of the plane.  
Kelly is SO MUCH braver than I will ever be.  
I agreed to shoot this months ago.  
The thought that I may have to actually go up in the plane to shoot it...

that came about 5 days ago.

Thank you, Kelly for not requiring that from me.
Everyone one that knows me knows that I am a HUGE chicken.
Kelly told me this was on her "bucket list".
Obviously her bucket is deeper than mine.

This is my Saturday shoot.
Should be fun (from my perspective on the GROUND).


On Sunday I have a dog portrait to take for Fred Barber.

This is Fred and one of his children.

And here are some more of his babies:

Fred and I met about a year or so ago in the Artworks Gallery.  
He asked if I would be interested in taking a portrait of his dogs.
I said, yes, of course.
I didn't know he had eight dogs.
It has been a great trip through the individual settings of these animals.
It is obvious to me that Fred loves and truly cares for the dogs in his pack. 
If I were a dog...I would want to live with Fred at his house.
So, anyway.
We have a sitting this Sunday. 
I have lost count on were we are in the count.
I want to say we are at doggie number 6.
BTW, I am also painting these dogs individually.

Benny Update:

Even though Ben is a lovable little cat, he is a pain in Wally's butt.  He is always jumping out of nowhere and pouncing on poor Wally.

Sometimes Wally has to reach out and put him in his place.

    Afterwards he just takes a nap.  He is currently sleeping in an apple crate that I pack my event set up in. I have a lot of memories packed up in those crates.  They came from my Grandparent's apple orchard.  My grandparents are gone now, but every time I touch those crates I think of them and that time I spent with them as a child.  I need to put the crates away, but Wally seems to enjoy sleeping in this one.

So, yesterday evening was interesting.  
There was really nice evening lighting and sky was purple-y blue.  
Al needed to go work a practice out in Greentown, 
so I dropped him off and drove 
to this field that I had spied earlier in the week.  
It was right out of the Peanuts cartoon.  

A huge (like cornfield size) pumpkin patch. 
It was incredible.  The colors were so intense.  
The breeze was blowing and I could hear the leaves rustling.
Pumpkin heaven. 
I'm not sure if the Great Pumpkin was there or not....

 Fall is here

 Whether we are ready

or not.

as you can see, 
I do love to use my camera.  

I am available for shoots at a reasonable price
I have references.

I have in my portfolio: 

Dogs (any animal, really) 
5 generation
coming soon

Good luck, Kelly.
It was nice knowing you. 

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