Monday, January 27, 2014

I am over it.

There is a beauty to winter.
You tend to see things in a different mind set.

But, I am over it.
I am tired of shoveling.
I am tired of wet socks.
I am just OVER IT.

I think I am in the winter doldrums. 

Here lately in the great state of Indiana
it seems that we are under a constant expectancy of snow 
or dangerous cold or some other winter-y complication.

I didn't get my bike put away.

But, after IS WINTER in Indiana.

Frost on the bathroom window. 
It is warm and cozy in our house and for that I am truly thankful.

Henry enjoying the view

I have kept my fingers busy working on pieces
to sell through my studio.

I have gotten several contacts in the last two weeks
about commission paintings.
It seems that I will be painting my much loved animals again, soon.
Eskimo study has been started

I have also been working on beading necklaces of an evening.

I make the pendants out of polymer clay and use them in jewelry.
It is a nice outlet for my time and I enjoy all of the colors and shapes that you can get in glass beads.

This is what you get when you mix polymer clay with shaved crayon  

It is almost addicting.  
And this takes my mind off of not being able to enjoy the outdoors. 

I have learned several techniques.
These are hollow pod beads.  

I love making tiny little flowers.  It takes some patience, that's for sure.

This pendant has a heart inserted in the hollow space.
My thought was that we all have space for love.

Close up of red heart with flowers.

Transparent polymer clay with blue and purple crayon shavings mixed in.

This is for a person with a broken heart that needed mending.

Of course these are all available for sale.
You can see them at 
Artworks Gallery
210 N. Main
Kokomo, IN


You can contact me through Sherrill Studios on Face Book.
The pendants are aprox. 2" in size.
The cost of these all falls within $20 to $30 range.
Valentine's Day is coming.


Well, back to winter.
Winter with it's cold beauty and endless illnesses.  

Granddaughter Gallery  
Sick at Grandma's house.

Notice the gloves?
My little drama queen would not take off her new mittens
even if she was throwing up.
She sat on that couch for hours hugging that waste basket.

Our baby grand daughter finally has enough hair for a pony tail.
Doesn't that just make you smile?
I wish you all well. 
I wish you health & happiness.
I wish you warmth.
And most of all.....dry socks!

See you again soon.


  1. Always love your blogs.....The jewelry is beautiful!I wish you much luck with your painting and sales of all!

  2. Such wonderful pictures! Love your jewelry too!