Monday, January 20, 2014

Spring will come

Curly Bill 

It was pointed out to me that I hadn't written in a long time.

I opened my blog up last night 
and by golly 
it has been a long time!

And you know what?
A lot of life as been lived in those months. 

So grab a cup of coffee and let's get started.

We have lived through a wedding in the house in October. 
My son is now a married man.
This is hard for his mother to believe 
as she still sees him as her 6 year old boy.

I wish them many blessings.
we look forward to more grand babies!

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year.  
That was fun. 

Our area lived through a tornado in the month of November.
It was pretty close to our house (even closer to Read's apt.).
Funny, I can't remember now if the tornado came before 
Thanksgiving or after...
things kind of run together.

Then it was time for Christmas.
The big L as Santa.
I had quite a few commission pieces that I needed to get done during the month of December.
There were days when I wondered if I would get it all done.  

Sherrill Studios is bopping right along.  
We sold polymer clay holiday themed earrings from 
October through Christmas and did pretty well.

Here are a few of the pieces commissioned in December.

For some reason there was an owl theme this year.
Owl w/clarinet

Owl w/flute

Owl w/game controller

Owl w/ saxophone 
Teacher owl w/ ruler and pencil

French bulldog on a rug

I finished and delivered several commissioned paintings.
Here is one of them.

And then
we celebrated

The big L made sugar cookies at Grandma's house. 

 This one had some cranial issues.

Grandpa Temby enjoyed the tester cookies.

We had Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Scott's house.

Grandma Scott made sure there was enough pie to go around

Little E enjoyed all the attention.

Little E's great uncle Matt had a moment of deep thought with her.

Sorry to say, this Grandma (Temby) lets them jump on the mattress in the clay room.
It's lots of fun.

She just needed a moment with her Great Grandpa.  
 Some days I wish that I could just climb up in his lap 
and he could make all of my concerns go away.

These last few photos are from the
"putting away of Christmas".

These are the really old ones that were handed down from Al's parents.

I also got to visit with our school mates 
that came "home" for Christmas. 
What a wonderful time it is when you can let go 
and just be yourself with people who have known you forever.

We got to visit with Denny
and then we got to visit with Lisa & David.

Ok, I think that I am caught up to the beginning of 2014.
Thank you for hanging out with me on such a sunny winter day.

Spring will come.  

I keep repeating that to myself as I look out over the snow 
covered yard with a cup full of coffee in my hand.  
Just like Spring I will see you again, soon.

Spring will come.  

Stay warm and look forward with hope.

Spring will come.

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