Monday, August 26, 2013

A day at Winding Creek

Hello, my friends.

I hope you are well.  It's Monday again.
It seems like those Mondays come faster & faster.

Today, I am bringing you photos from the 
event I attended this last weekend.

This is Bob Auth.  He is one of the people who put on this event.  You have to love this hat.

My parents and I 

were at the


outside of New London, Indiana.

This is my mom and her first cousin Alice Daily.

Because the festival is so close to Russiaville, 
it was like old home week.

I feel like I knew more people than I didn't know.

This is the big "O" meeting...Oberholtzer, that is.
Cory Wentz and Wayne are sitting in the back of the ambulance.

I didn't set up a booth this year.  

I brought a few paintings
to represent my work, an easel, a blank canvas 
and some business cards. 

I spent the day painting
and talking to people about 
anything and everything.

There was a nice crowd.  
The stage was set up in a shady spot.

Read & his Grand-dad had a nice visit while he set up the tent.

I need to publicly thank Read (my son) for the
 "put up" and "take down" of the tent that I loaned my folks. 
I could not have done either without him.
Sons are wonderful people.
Especially mine.  

There were people with instruments everywhere.

A breeze kept the temperature down.

There was even music wafting up out of the woods. 

I sat in the sun to begin with.  

It got to be a little much.  

I took a photo of my progress before I moved to the shade. 

Dad spent the afternoon working on a guitar strap made of Elk hide
and making sales.  

There was machine cranked ice cream.  Pretty interesting operation.  

I remember hand cranking ice cream.  It seemed like it would never be done. 

These are the folks who made the ice cream.  

What a lovely instrument.  I wish I could play one.

Another great hat.  I'm a sucker for men in interesting hats.

There were a nice assortment of vendors.  This one came in
from Kentucky for the weekend.

Doesn't get any better than this.

I saw a few of our four legged friends there.

I have no idea what the discussion was here, but I liked their body language...and the hats.

As the afternoon wore on I started to notice 
the children who were there.

I admire children who can just curl up and sleep through anything.  
I wish I could do that.  

Some slept...

some found technology....

and some just.....slept some more.

I wanted to show you some of my Dad's set up.  
As you know he sells some unusual things.  
He is a leather worker, 
but he also buys things to "refurbish".  

I would say that for the most part his dealings 
are in the Western/Americana trade.

My dad is quite the wheeler- dealer.
He could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. 

I love taking these shots.  
I never really thought about how I held my hands 
until I started taking these mirror photos.

Who doesn't need a spittoon?
Or, for that matter a Bowie knife & sheath?
Spurs anyone?
It amazes me how much of this stuff he sells.  

Tools of the trade.
I had a really nice time at Winding Creek.  
I look forward to being there this time next year. 

If you would like more information about the Festival, 
check it out over on Facebook 
or contact me and I will get you in touch.  

The path out of the festival area.

Well, back out into the real world. 
Monday's comin' ya know.

Thanks again for reading.

Have a good week.

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